Rankings Too Static

Anyone else feel like the rankings are too static? My placements put me in Silver Skilled in the beginning, and after 400+ matches with a 70% win rate I’m now a bit under half way through Silver Expert. This isn’t me trying to gripe about how I should be Gold Destroyer right now or anything, but I feel like the point of a ranking system is so that everybody naturally filters into the skill level where they should be (and I’m not far off in SE). It just feels like beating a team who are all my rank or higher should be worth more than 2 points of the total 150, especially when losing would take around 5 off me.


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not sure but some ppl told me, the more games you play the less points you will get… and you get kinda stuck in a rank or between 2 ranks.

the pointsysem is pretty bad imo… fe i won against a gold skilled monster as silver expert, and got only 6 pts for this.

It’s crazy punishing as well, that monster probably lost a good 8-10 points for losing to silvers

It just means you’re at the rank it believes you should be at. Working well imo. As you play more games it gets a good idea of where you should be at, so the swing from wins and losses will become smaller (think of it as a pendulum gradually finding it’s centre). One off wins and losses will not tip the scales as much later in the game than earlier. If you consistently defeat people above your rank you’ll gain more points after a bit.

Sayd some times now that hunters should loose and gain more points and that a winningstreakbonus will be a nice move. It’s actually quiet difficult for hunters to rank up, especially with bugs.

I’ve literally gone past the point of caring if i move up in divisions,i just want to even up my wins with losses then i’m happier!

The point isn’t to rank up though… The point is to find the rank that you belong in according to your skill. It’s not a leaderboard, but a MMing tool. Perhaps if the streak only applied to defeating monsters/hunters a certain number of ranks above you repeatedly… Then I can see it being a fair indicator that you’re in the wrong bracket, and more points being needed to be given to raise you up.

@Angry_gamer88 That’s the whole point of this ranked mode. It’s not to climb the ranks, but to find your own rank and stay in there for as long as it is a balanced match between you and the monster. Once it becomes such that you’re winning more than losing, you’ll gradually rise to the next rank, where you should, once again reach a point of equal WLR.

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Not really. I went from bronze to 4star silver.
All thanks to premades.

As a monster, I went from silver 2 star to 4 star. Progression is definitely possible :wink:

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Exactly this. However I have noticed that you gain points and lose points at vastly different ratios. One really bad night can kill you but even a fantastic night makes it hard to move. I’m not saying you should get up in rank quicker, but why make it so punishing when you lose?

I’ve never had a reason to hate a ranked system, but on team games it’s a major coin toss, especially in Evolve where every position has an equal role in a win, so 1 bad player equals an almost garunteed loss, but due to the fact a w/l isn’t extremely harsh and that a major rank up requires continuous wins, you aren’t as majorly halted in your climb by a bad player, unlike say Dota or LoL where you can lose a few wins work by 1 bad player’s effort, I like Evolve’s ranking system in that regard.

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Fixed that for you :wink:

Yes. This is how it should be. But I for example am in Mid Silver Expert for Hundreds of games now, sitting on a consistent 58 to 59 % winrate. I win the majority of the games even though the majority of them is with 3 Silver Skilled and down in my team against Silver Expert and up as Monster.
The problem is that winning against any oppononent with any team results in 1 to 3 points, while loosing results in -4 to -6 points. I know I am not the only one experiencing this. You can win the majority of your games against worthy opponents and loose a minority of your games because you had 3 noobs in your team and rank down. That is a problem that needs to be fixed.

I am not trying to sound arrogant but I probably will: When I face a Monster of my hunter rank, most of the time I would be able to beat him would I be able to controll all 4 Hunters. But the other 3 are very often very noticable below this skill level. The concept of MM after ranking is nice but it both fails at the points and at the playerpool.

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Did the failure to solo-hunt first and there was a long time needed to find some hunters in bronze (yes I know I should skirmish, but pre-patch was arena only). Got some bugs and net-problems wich kicked me out of some games too. Both things are legit.:wink: Now I am finally close to 50% again wohoo!

But there should always be a way to get out of your rank cause you may lern how to play. At your perfact rank wins and looses will negate each other and yes, it will be nice to rank up if I am hunting 20 of those monsters at my actual rank down (dont want to just get 20 points). The only chance to rank up is to play with high-ranked hunters, to play vs high-ranked monsters and to win (or to play an insane amount of games), cause you actual rank dont gives enought points. Poor players who got an working bronze team.
Hopefull that sounds constructive and not mad. English is not my native language.

What I think doesn’t make any sense is the Gold Hunters.
You look them up on the leader board and half those guys have 10 wins, 0 losses, and never played again.
They just played to be ranked in Gold and then stopped playing.

So I’m competing against people that don’t play the game anymore.
And no matter how much I play, I will probably never rank up to Gold considering I’ve been at Silver skilled 50% for the past month.