Ranking System with TU


If there’s anything I really miss with a low playerbase it’s a good game of ranked hunt. I’m pretty sure ranked and the point system is not a top priority for the big summer update (I think). Anyways I was just curious if any changes were being made to this mode? A lot of players say they gain 1-2 points tops for winning games (even against same or higher ranks) and lose 3-7 for every loss. If you have lots of ranked games under your belt it can be considered almost impossible to rank up. Is the point system going to be altered in anyway or perhaps the idea of removing elite buffs from ranked to make it more fair for both sides?


Yeah, if I remember correctly they are going to reset the Rankings because there was an issue that ended up putting a lot of Decent players in Bronze. They probably are going to adjust the point distribution too!


Yeah I think they’ve made enough of a change that it’s a case of having to start again to be fair on everyone. Also we know that only the new finely tuned “big 4” maps are being rotated in ranked mode, so should be more balanced games based on the map alone too.


So as far as we know the only 4 maps that will be played in ranked are the re-vamped maps? That would make sense as it removes some of the toxicity from the other maps that have not yet been changed.


Yes. This is correct last we heard


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I got put in so many Laz-Fanboy and Bucket-Fanboy games that I would piss away 40 points for losing. The max points I lost was 47.

I have a 50-50 WLR with 120 games roughly but have dropped 2 leagues from where I started.

I would love to play ranked more, but it’s too monster favored with FT3 strats atm.


So will we have to all do the determining rank matchs again?


I agree when I play monster in ranked pretty much all I see are Laz/Bucket/Abe combo’s lol. New players seem to think Laz is the best medic…I’m also 50/50 WLR as hunter. 652-650 xD


Not in TU9. It has been said that point distribution overhaul is planned months after TU9 drops.

If I feel too bored maybe I will find and qoute it.


This the one?


Unfortunately, that is the one. It’s a shame that the ranking system is going to remain the same. Back to getting 1 point for beating someone of my rank and losing 5 for losing to someone who’s two ranks above me.


I have faith there will be some changes to the ranked mode in this update. Maybe not a full re-vamp of the algorithm but I think it’ll be better then nothing.


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You know how it is, when you’ve been around as long as I, you see some shit!


Get that DOT comp on em. It evens the odds.


Dont forget the bunch of noobs put in Gold, or the pros put beyond Gold :wink:


No, I’m on the Laz teams.

I can wreck then as Gorgon, but I used to rarely play monster.


Ewwwww… Filthy Lazaruses…


It’s a pipe dream, but frankly I’m hoping they just throw out all forms of Ranked Mode in the new Title Update. Why? Because the player base doesn’t exist for it anymore and they need to treat the game like it’s a new release. But of course, what the game needs is not exactly what it’s going to get.


No kidding, everytime I play Ranked I swoop Determining Ranks and they all end up as Bronze Skilled :smiley: But damn, I laugh so much with them though.

“why hello there lonely support, what you doing by yourself? Muhahahaha, come here, let me cuddle you to death.”

few seconds laters, an assault climbs alone on the same ridge where I killed the support.

“Oh assault, you want a cuddle too?”