Ranking Points


Why is it that when I’m winning a lot, I only gain 4, 5, maybe 8, sometimes even 3 points, but when I LOSE ONE GAME, I end up losing like 3-5 games worth of victories? The amount of points you get needs to be fixed.


The ranking system is working as intended. It isn’t supposed to be a ladder that you climb, it’s more a means of putting you with people the same skill level as you. It is explained in this thread here along with other peoples view points.

You can carry on this discussion in that thread if you want. :wink:



A post was merged into an existing topic: Can anyone explain the points system of hunt 2.0 please? why lose so much and win so little?


The ranking is working as it should. Try not to think of it as a ladder that you need to reach the top of.

Instead think Bronze, Silver, and Gold as buckets. The ranking system sorts you into the bucket you best fit into.

Winning against a team that you statistically should have beaten nets you minimal points. But losing to a team like that means you lose more points.

Make sense?