Ranking/Leveling: Does Evolve Need It?


In this age of gaming it seems as if every game needs to have some sort of ranking system but is Evolve forcing in a ranking system where one isn’t needed? I first learned about Evolve from a friend who told me the creators of Left 4 Dead were creating a new game. I loved L4D both 1 & 2 and put many many hours into both. Something I though that made it somewhat unique from other games was that there was absolutely no leveling system. Everybody, both veteran and beginner, started out with exactly the same tools to play the game. There was no little number next to everyone’s name broadcasting to the world how much time they had put into the game. Amazingly, the game was still fun!

I feel like Evolve could easily fit into that same category and just do away with rankings. Everyone gets access to all 3 tiers of hunters/monsters right out of the box and has all the base set of perks. They could leave in the progression of upgrading perks so you’ll get to upgrade the perks you use the most. They could also leave the unlocking of different skins for the characters. This would give people something to strive for without handicapping those who are just starting out and could get discouraged that they need to put x amount of time into the game to get to play a character they might have wanted to play. Think if in L4D all you got to play was the Hunter in verses until you ranked up. It may not hook you into playing more and getting into an awesome game. Turtle Rock could add in a multitude of skins to unlock and you could show off your skill/time played by using the skins you’ve unlocked rather than by people just seeing the number by your name.

Rankings can also lead to lots of grief. People seem to use the excuse all the time that they lose games because they were paired with low level players. They are still learning the game, they will get better, they just need to get some time in. Without ranks, there’s just new, average, good. There were many many times someone would enter a L4D lobby and just tell everyone it was the first or second time, and most of the time the lobby just started giving them tips and helped them along through the game. It may not have been as competitive as other games with lobbies full of veterans but people didn’t always mind. There were of course exceptions of people raging out of games when a new player did something stupid (or multiple stupid things) but I feel like because they didn’t have that rank 1 next to their name it was the exception and not the rule.

Obviously there are those who love ranking up and I doubt they will ditch the ranking system but MY OPINION is that a public ranking system could hurt this game more than following the L4D model and just making a fun game to play over and over again without the soul purpose of making the little number next to your name be as high as possible.

TL DR: Ditch the current Ranking system

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Unfortunately you are in the minority. The reason so many games have levels and ranks is because it’s a carrot on the stick mentality. Look at the evolution of FPS. You literally just shoot people and yet there are still perks, achievements, leveling, ranks etc… I also don’t believe that the ranking system hurts the game. The only thing rank gives you is perks. The nice thing about ranking is that it’s fast at first for everyone to get access to all the perks, then it’s just minor buffs to each one over the long haul. I don’t think there was ever a single time where I thought that my rank perk won/lost me a game. If anything, I almost feel that the Perk system is relatively not important.

When the game comes out there will also be custom games where you can disable all perks to begin with if you so desire.


Personally I really enjoyed the levelling system in Evolve. It’s fairly minimal, but it gives a feeling of progression during those first few games. After a few weeks (40 - 60 hours) you’ll be max level, with the minimal perks that accompany it, and your focus will turn to mastering the system.

You’re right in that L4D did perfectly well without a levelling system, but it’s worth pointing out that L4D didn’t have as much choice of character (which actually made zero gameplay difference) and there were no perks. This way, you’re not overwhelmed by choice and are gradually introduced to more (potentially more complex) characters as you gain experience in the game.

Working to unlock characters, skins and perks feels very satisfying too. You’ve earnt them, rather than being given them out the gate. There’s a definite impact that’ll make, even to the casual gamer, that reinforces spending time with the game and investing in learning the systems.

Also, it’s worth noting that Turtle Rock will be increasing the level cap and adding in new perks further down the line (as a free update). This kind of free content release makes headlines and drives sales, so it is beneficial from a financial point of view, even if it has marginal gameplay impact.


You guys both hit on my point that the leveling system is minimal and it doesn’t give you anything huge other than unlocking new characters. You quickly unlock all the perks and its the slow grind of upgrading them, kind of like how the mastery’s work. Even if they left in the leveling system exactly how it is but just made it so others couldn’t see you rank it would be an improvement. I’ve always thought that showing off skins means much more that just a rank number. Although I don’t play, I know skins in LOL are huge. In COD (back before it was complete garbage) I felt that the camo on your gun ment more than what prestige you were because it was normally harder to get. People also have the mentality of “Well im the highest level, guess I move on to the next game”. Take away that and you can get people to stay longer and just enjoy the game. Obviously I respect your opinions though, conversations aren’t fun when everyone agrees on everything and I don’t see them removing the ranking system, people just love ranking too much for that


So you would want everything unlocked from the get-go?


To be honest, I think people who leave the game because they’re max level will leave sooner or later anyway, taking away the levelling system won’t keep them around longer. They’re the players moving onto the brand new releases, whilst the core audience will play regardless of whether they’re max level or not. Add in each character’s mastery (and associated boosts / skin unlocks) and I think it’ll take quite a while to fully unlock EVERYTHING.

I think the levelling provides an instant feedback for players starting out, that they’re learning. It’s something intangible, but even through losing you’re learning how to play, the levelling system reinforces to players that they’re not wasting their time, even if they lose 10+ games in a row, there’s a feeling of progression to match the learning curve they’re going through.


I like the progression system, and don’t really want it to go. It feels a lot more rewarding having to unlock each character rather than just being presented with everything as soon as the game starts


All of the mastery’s and perk upgrades and skins would still need to be done the way its set up now. At the end of each round you would see everything getting xp, there just wouldn’t be a main rank meter (your rank that everyone can see) that slowly ticks up your level. The perks unlock so fast that giving them to everyone off the get go isn’t too big. I personally hit a lucky orbital barrage on my first game and ranked up to level 8-9 and unlocked almost everything as it is. And other than the reason of easing people in, I don’t see a huge reason to not let all the characters be playable immediately, its not like there’s a huge amount of playable characters, most people can wrap their head around 15 characters


Because each tier requires more skill than the last.
You’re jumping into the deep end if you could choose anything other than tier 1 to begin with.


15 characters who all play a lot differently to eachother. I feel like having the progression system forces people to try out characters who they might not necassarily play


they might wanna do what LoL does and make it so you have to reach max level to enter ranked games.


But they don’t all play that differently. Some of the class choices play pretty similar. The trapper and assault classes are very easy to jump from one to another without knowing much about any one specifically (e.g. If you understand Hyde, you’ll understand Markov) . Yes, there are differences but if you figure out one you should understand any of them. The other 3 character types have more variety but again it’s not overwhelming. And since the game picks your class for you, you really only have 3 options to choose from each round.


I hope they do nothing close to what that shitty games does.

TRS will come up with a much better way. :cake:


I like the way leveling works based on the alpha. It gives a good sense of progression, and it secretly makes you learn how to best use your characters. It makes you adjust your playstyle to use everything you have for each rank, and as you get better, the ways you learn to use it become more complex and rewarding, and thus, you become more skilled!

I love this style of system. It rewards variety in gameplay, and isn’t over punishing if you don’t do it.


I don’t like LoL much either but it’s not the level system i disliked about it. :wink:


This guy sums it up pretty well.


The ranking system does not work at all, and even if someone has hit lvl 30 they could not play ranked cus they still had not enough skill :confused:


Yeah the ranking system i LoL was horrible. I was only saying that forcing people to level up to max level was a good idea in LoL to make sure they at least know the basic mechanics of the game before they even attempt ranked games. i am hopping that evolve has a system in place that is similar to stop level 1 guys from joining ranked and holding 3 other guys back because they couldn’t preform their roll on the team


I like that sense of accomplishment I get from grinding up the ranks. I hope they offer cosmetic rewards for higher tiers.


I see the ranking/levelling system as a proxy tutorial situation. Each task you have is simple at first, and encourages you to simply play the game (though I would agree with something that really encourages varied use of weapons rather than just focusing one, for example). The reality is that if matchmaking works everyone will be in the same boat and feeling their way into the game.

Then, as you “master” these weapons you unlock more perks and eventually characters that you should have a better idea about how to use and if to use since you’ve had to put a few hours in to the game and understand it first.

Also the actual objectives, such as Laz’s revive of creatures, provide learning opportunities. Revive creatures? That’ weird… oh wait, we just killed an elite creature for it’s buff, how about I don’t just leave that lying around for the monster to eat without having to fight it?!

It’s easy to just look at the progression system here and put your previous experiences to it and nay-say it…however in actual use I think it’s an invaluable learning tool, utilising gamification to produce actual increase in skills and understanding, and a way of not just doing what so many games do and dump all of the variables on you from your first game and overwhelm you.

Some won’t like it, people more experienced in playing games in general, certainly those used to left 4 dead I’d say…but for everyone else it’s a benefit more than it isn’t.