Ranking is too stiff

I don’t know how ranking quite works. But two stage one victories should equal a stage two defeat shouldn’t it? At least? Stage one victories give eight points, while stage two defeats take away twenty two!? Like what? It’s like evolve just pops out random rankings. I love this game to bits and I just want to know why the games ranking system in hunt can’t be more flexible, to allow for stage 3 losses to be more damaging than stage one and vice versa. If I win as kraken stage one, I should get 15 points at least. Did anyone else get situations like this? Where two great games are crushed by one bs game? Or is that just ranking in general?

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Point distribution has nothing to do with performance. See the thread below for specific details on how ranked works.

The reason the ranking system is flawed is because we’re getting punished for the game crashing. It makes playing hunt not enjoyable. You can go a win streak and win 20 points within that streak, then lose all your progress in one crash. I can see losing those points if one backs out of a game, which they should, but not crashing. Punish those who actually back out, not crash.

Honestly, hunt ranks should be reset if being punished for crashing is ever fixed because ranked hunt is currently not accurate.


The issue with that is all it sees is that you disconnected from the game/server. It doesn’t know how and I don’t think it can figure out how. Plus, even if you didn’t lose points for it, some people may go Xtreme and purposely crash evolve just to not lose points

That’s the defensive standpoint everyone always immediately jumps to but it’s not really much of a valid argument if you ask me (not hating on you, just the defending of this shite matchmaking in general).


  • 1.) When I click “Leave game” I leave the game, find myself in the main menu and Evolve has nothing to say to me.
    But when I get kicked I leave the game, find myself in the main menu BUT Evolve gives me an error message like “DEVICE_HUNG_ARRGH”.

That error, right there, is proof that Evolve can differentiate between causes of leaving a match.

  • 2.) As if the above argument wasn’t enough, let’s say that when you get kicked because your “connection to host has been lost”. That’s connection-related, right? If it’s connection related then sure, Evolve’s unable to properly let the server know if was an error that causes you to disconnect so it’s unable to tell the server that you shouldn’t be punished.
    Except - this can be reversed.

When a player mysteriously disappears from the server (in other words, due to a connection-related error the server can’t possibly tell what happened), don’t take away points. No special callback from the client = don’t deduct points.
A player gets kicked from an error? Don’t send a callback. Server doesn’t receive a callback = don’t deduct points.
A player leaves on purpose? Send a callback. Server receives callback = subtract points from the user who abandoned the match.

The ONLY problem with this system is that a player might forcefully shut down evolve.exe and the server might not know what to make of that. (still though, it’s at this point already better than what we have atm)
Solution - I know for a fact that Cryengine has the option to bind hooks to something like Alt+F4.
Don’t say it isn’t possible. It is possible to determine whether or not a player purposefully shut down the game.
However I don’t know if this is the same as shutting down evolve.exe in the taskbar.
If it isn’t - problem not solved.
If it is - crashes might be confused with taskbar shutdowns by the server: problem not solved.
So yeah, that’s gonna be a bit annoying.

Still though, I 100% believe that not punishing people who leave the match on purpose (and keep in mind that’s the absolute worst case scenario) is still better than people getting punished for bad programming / netcoding.

Which leads me to:

  • 3.) It’s caused by the game, not the player. I know this is something people will disagree with me on, but I genuinely believe it’s not OK, under any scenario, to punish players for something caused by your bad programming.

I don’t mean “bad programming” as insulting to TRS as it sounds, but that’s exactly what the culprit is here.
Bad programming being the problem applies to both:

  1. The game crashing, hanging, freezing and disconnecting in the first place.
    And 2. The game unable to determine the player wasn’t at fault after said crashing, hanging, freezing and disconnecting.

If I were to be hired as a construction worker and forget to fill a huge hole in the floor with cement, do I have the right to punish / get mad at people who accidentally fall into that hole?

Allocations of point on ranking mode it’s not broken, it’s just dumb. You win against a pro golden ranked monster with effort ? You gain +2 point at most.

You lose against a silver / bronze, because someone made a mistake or something else such as, crash/dc/lag/doorbell ?

You 'll lose -999 point. really fair, lol. That’s why you have to wait minutes to find a match (on PC, idk on console), because there is no one playing this, and everyone prefer play with premade teams to avoid this mess.

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The pool of people playing is so small that the game usually places monsters with people who are significantly lower ranked than them. Hence the low point gain.

This. I really feel underapreciated when i got 1 or 2 points for wining with gold, premade team that took me a lot of time, stress and effort to do so.

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