Ranking, Hows it work?

I’m confused, how does the ranking system work ? i’ve had long games, short games, games were i do little and games where i do alot. I just had a game where it was a 1* silver monster vs 3 bronze elites(1 was me) and 1 bronze destroyer the monster made it to level 2 after kiting the first domes then by the 4th dome we killed it(with an amazing maggie harpoon + hank orbital). After the game i get 1 point ? what is this based on or is it just random ? cause it feels random.


There’s supposed to be a system–but it’s really random from my experience.

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i figured as much, Long/short, active games/inactive games, low rank opponents/high rank opponents. there’s no pattern at all.
I figured it would be based on modifiers like 1 * Win/Loss * Class specific activities + hunt time. maybe not that exactly but something along those lines so a win is always positive but only a high positive if it was a good or short game and the reverse for a loss.

Sadly, the glicko scale is not that simple…

Like this:

This doesn’t affect it

This does

In game performance is not considered, only rank and win/lose. It will become more refined the more games you play.

Yeah but as i just said i was a bronze 4 star vs a silver 1 star and a win gives +1 ? but in the same day i have played against bronze 2 star monsters and no rank monsters, won and gained 20-30. Surely beating a no rank would be +1 and a silver be + 20 something ?

It depends on you’re team. And Determing ranks are a grey area since the game doesn’t know if they are good or bad.

Idk, if it is just rank + win/loose i should never get +1 from beating someone 2 ranks higher. which do u meen btw, depends on the team being good or bad in that game or in general because if its the first its the same problem again 4 hunters doing very well and beating a 2 rank higher monster it shouldn’t be +1 and the 2nd should just be based on there current rank which would eventually even out.

In game performance is not measured. If you are Bronze Skilled and You have a Team of Silver Destroyers and you beat a Bronze Destroyer you aren’t going to get many points.

How does it work?

Simple, it doesn’t…

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