Ranking and Hunting Seasons


Evolve is a great competitive game and I’ve been watching the changing metagame over the last few days, and I like what I see. I’d like to see the games competitive focus and depth capitalized on with a ranking system, with “Hunting Seasons” as a regular reset of rank. I understand that you don’t want to split the community, and as such, I’m not asking for a separate ranked matchmaking or anything, I’d just like to see some kind of skill based rank so I can see how I match up. Perhaps a separate rank for Classes or at the very least a separate Hunter and Monster rank?


why man just no


I actually like this idea. I always love a good competition or something, so yeah, I agree! Hope the Devs catch onto this


Myeah, me and my team have been feeling this way too. As it stands, the leaderboards rank on wins mostly which is really more a reflection of their invested time; and they can be cheated. Personally I’d like to see an actual rating system based off of the 3 performance stats at the end of a match compared to the global average divided by the match duration. That would be a much more accurate representation of skill imo.