Ranked: winning but losing rank anyway


Often I win a game in ranked but lose rank/progress anyway. Presumably that’s because I got paired with a relatively unskilled team and didn’t stomp them hard enough but it would help to know what is counting against me. Does it count against me to evolve to stage 3 when I could kill at stage 1 or 2? I took hardly any damage so that can’t be it. Did I take too long to win?


Thats the ranking system saying…

you won the match, but youre skill neeeded to win was that of a pub stomp

maybe… im just guessing.

Dont look at your rank as a solid number anymore, its more fluid than that.

Look at ranked as trying to give you a good matchup. It is possible you were that monsters/hunters boss battle fight.

who knows, just keep rocking it out.



Ranked has always a piece of crap. It needs a huge rework.


Omg…the truth. It’s so bad. I won a match earlier with Wraith with only like one bar of health lost and…wtf i still lose rank??? It’s freakin’ retarded. Then half the Silver monsters are 10-0 because they never play the game. You shouldn’t maintain a high rank by “not” playing the game. Wtf


anyways it will be gone by next month


Huh? What are u talking about


the 30 august patch


Where are you reading that I don’t see anything about an Aug 30. patch.


here the link Matchmaking Changes for Update 2.08 - Ranked and Hunt queue changes


Ranks will be change to hunt beta in patch 2.08 … the current rank will be removed from there as the problem on it are bad



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Look here for more info on the upcoming changes to ranked.