Ranked System


Do you think there will be a matchmaking game type that will be made to attract a more competitive crowd within the Evolve community or will executioner be it and we have to cycle between the different classes without the ability to pick.


The best answer is - too early to say.


If I remember correctly, they are already working on that.


But it’s always nice to speculate and think of what could possibly come…
I’ve yet to actually play the version I purchased for steam due to the Download not working and there yet to be a fix for the game… I hope the Devs fix that though…


In the long run the game can be competitive with teams and mechanics supporting it, it’s definitely not raw as some modern releases, but to realease ranked MM now would be a catastrophy as some rather basic things are not very polished.

E.g. the complaint pile in this section about being forced to play as a Monster versus a party…

TBH I already envision a game mode where there’s a 5v5 match where one team is pulling the wagon four ways by everyone telling a monster player what to do and the other team is having that little troll in their comms telling them what noobs they all are and how he’ll have to pull their weight as a monster.