Ranked Season Rewards


There’s been a lot of talk lately on whether or not ranked should get amped up a little. The suggestions so far have been (far as I’ve seen) seasons, penalties for not playing for too long (to make it so players at the top have to fight to keep their places), and end-of-season rewards.

I had an idea for possible season’s-end rewards, and with the help of the wonderful @skills4u2envy, here they are. The idea would be if you’re Bronze, you get Skillful, Silver gets Masterful, and Gold ranked monsters get Destructive. Not sure if there would be any difference for tiers within a league. Maybe if you’re Gold you get all 3 and if you’re Silver you get the Silver and Bronze ones? I donno. Just throwing out ideas and pretty pictures.

Skillful Goliath

Masterful Goliath

Destructive Goliath

Seriously, skills4u2envy, these are amazing and you’re a hero.


Wow… That Destructive Skin is like 10000000x better than gold! And the silver for Masterful…


Right? I tossed in the idea that higher ranks would get the skins below it just so I could get the Masterful, cuz damn is it nice.


holy moly +1 i want thiz


My Precious. I wants it!

@skills4u2envy :clap:


I say each season you get a shot at the skins.


There could also be a different monster for the rewards every season.


And you only need to hit the criteria once? So if you fall down the ranks again, you won’t lose them?


Yeah I don’t know about that though…


I’d say you have two options with that.

  1. Just stick w/ Goliath since he’s Evolve’s so-called “Poster Child”

  2. Offer them for every Monster instead of 1 each season. Or else you’ll get more stupid arguments like people were having for TRS re-releasing the Monster gold skins this month.

It didn’t take long, I could easily make a few mock-ups for the others, too.


Could also be something like a choice - you pick the monster you get the skin for.

@LordDerp I’m not much of an expert on all that, so I’m not sure if it would be better if it was your highest rank all season that counted or your ending rank. Both have pros and cons, it’d be up for debate.

@TomsMeatPlatter Don’t know about what?

@skills4u2envy If you want to, I wouldn’t complain!


Having the Monsters separated into seasons. You are a gold Monster, get the gold reward skin for all of em.


If you’re a gold monster this season, work to be a gold monster next season. That’s the point of seasons - to keep people playing and working. The spacing would just be to have more rewards for longer.

Unless these skins are just a simple recolor and they’re that easy to make - I don’t know how difficult that is, I don’t do art.


Since it’d be re-using the Savage skin, which already exists for Goliath, Kraken and Wraith, they could take that PSD file and simply replace the red painted section with whatever color. Then they’d just need to tweak the specular color map so those painted areas are more “shiny” for the metal-like feel to them.

Behemoth would be the tricky one, but in no way difficult. I’m assuming Gorgon wouldn’t be hard either. You’d just have to start from scratch for these.

One person could knock these skins out in a few hours max. Then they’d need to be incorporated into the game and I don’t know much about the programming side to gaming so I can’t say how long that would take.


Wait, someone could make all 15 skins for the first 3 monsters in a couple hours, or all the skins for every monster? That’d be ridiculous.

I’d assume they have a template set up to streamline adding in skins - it shouldn’t be at all hard.


No more than a day to make them. Skins like this that are just a paint over are simple.


Resurrecting this one too…
Will they add seasons and rewards for ranked with the new evolve? Because i felt previous ranked was kinda pointless :confused:


Holy crap, my thread got necro’d. I’m pretty honored.

Still like this idea a whole lot. Then again, it’s mine, so…