Ranked Population



Are people finding ranked matches yet or is the population mostly too low level? I’ve tried a few times so far but the wait time has been huge, so I’ve mostly been trying my luck at getting monster in quick play.


It’s only the second day, the population should start picking up soon though.


I know, but I’m impatient and I’m a crappy hunter, I vastly prefer eating people :frowning:


I’m right there with you!

Except I’m a lowly level 4 atm…


Well I was grinding last night but hit a wall at about level 13.

At this point whenever I played Monster I ran into Premades running RougeVal/Hank that were Founders and knew what they were doing. Some were close, others were not and all of them I lost.

When I played Hunter with @skills4u2envy we kept running into newbies who…didn’t know what they were doing, and would get stomped.

Literally lost about 10+ in a row before we squeaked one out. So if there are a bunch of people running into this as well Ranked might be another day or two off for most of the people who stick with it!


My first wall was lvl 18. For some reason going from 18-19 seemed MUCH longer in this build than the early access version.


I’d say give it until Sunday at least. Leveling up takes time.


Also not sure if I like how keys get distributed when you lose. Seems a little on the lower side. I feel like I’ve earned more keys doing less work in some of my wins than in loses where I kicked butt. Especially if the matches were both close.


Honestly, ignoring the ‘hidden bonuses’ and ‘leveling up’ a win is what 50, and a loss is like 30 or something. Once those are no longer attainable you will find that a win/loss is close enough.


I have seen a Level 13 and 15 today, I’m only a level 8!!!


I’ve been playing more or less since the release and I’m level 21


Sleep is for the weak!


Well I did get my 10 hours, but apart from that :stuck_out_tongue:


Sorry I’m late to the party.

As of this afternoon ranked was extremely low. I think only two games have come through the first 30 or so hours. Only a percent or two of they population is eligible to play ranked at the moment.

My recommendation is to wait until after the weekend. More people should meet the requirements and hopefully start queuing!

Feel free to ping me on Monday and I can see where things are at too!

Edit: <1% of the Evolve population is eligible to play Ranked. Hardly any.

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^^ above post updated with new Ranked info


The ranked queues aren’t too bad all things considered. I’ve played 5 placement matches as Monster and queue times have ranged from 1 minute to 10 minutes.


I played some ranked and it took only max five minutes to find a match. But these hunters were painfully good. :joy: