Ranked point system change?


I remember somewhere in the macropatch tease thread, @GentlemanSquirl said something about Ranked points system being changed. Will this be included in 8.1.1 or TU09? And will we not lose a ton of points for a defeat and gain so little for a victory?


I really want the ranked system to changed too because right now the amount of points you earn compared to the amount you lose is ridiculous
Especially if you don’t have a set team
Then you’re counting on random players to help you get ranked up which isn’t working


Probably TU9 with the rest of the big changes.

I think it would be better if you linked the source/comment here, though.


It’s the 9th post or so.

plz don’t be mad at me @GentlemanSquirl I forgot u said don’t quote me plz


No, changes to the ranked system will come later. So not in 8.1a or TU9.


:cry: Nooooooooooooo!!! Well do you have an idea of when they’ll come?


You should be less worried on “ranking up” and focus more on finding your true rank. Once you are set in rank and if we ever increase the player base games will be a lot more fun for you.


No, sorry. We are working on a lot of stuff right now. We’ll get to it though.


Actually, there are some minor tweaks to the algorithm that will go live with TU09. Those tweaks along with (hopefully) a larger player base should iron out a lot of the more extreme cases/point swings as we look into revamping the system - which would be a VERY VERY long way off. I’m talking months.

Ranking System with TU

So we are not getting ranks reset, I assume?


90% positive the ranks will be reset due to the changes, even though they’re small tweaks.

We’ve got some people who are crazy outliers and resetting will give them a chance to start over and hopefully not wind up with a crazy high or crazy low glicko score where they can’t find matches.


Best news 2016, this alone should allow the system to work better




No I want my Silver Skilled to stay! Please, pretty please don’t reset the ranks!

Wait up, will we be earning a good amount of points and losing only a few points in TU9? Or will that be in the big Ranked change a few months from now? The number points gained and lost ticks me off 99.999999999999999999999999999999% of the time.


Thank god, I might start playing Hunt again. :thumbsup: Good news.


The prospect of reranking sounds fun actually.


I can’t wait to try Ranked all over again.