Ranked play


Hi all, does anyone know any details about when we can expect ranked play to be added? Let’s face it, more than any other game I’ve played, evolve really benefits from opponents in the Goldilocks zone.


Summoning @MacMan. I know he said it was in the works.


Dammit Midnight! I was just about to respond!



Ninja’ing fools since 1992.


Cheers guys (or gals)


Well I’m male but @Biobane says she is female. :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: Oops, got it the wrong way around. :stuck_out_tongue: I’m sorry Biobane…

I’m tired, okay? :slight_smile:

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Deadpool would be the ninja I like.
Wait he’s not a ninja? Oh well then. ^.^


Just… go lie down, Midnight O.o

When you start mixing up your genders, you are probably a day or two late for a nap :wink:


Three now. And I can’t, too excited for Ranked Play.

This thread got me hyped for it again.

It’ll be like when every match was a challenge, but fair, and it’ll be fun again. :smiley:

But I’m going to sleep now. Can’t hold out forever without coffee. Laters.

Don’t release Ranked Play without me, TRS! D:

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Looking forward to it, too. I mean, I’ll have to fight tooth and nail to maintain my Markov status, but perhaps I can find a good group to pub with if my old crew doesn’t reassemble (Sad too, they were great… Our Support played a HELL of a mean Cabot. No other Support compared, according to him. I couldn’t ask for a better Dmg Amp+Mine enthusiast, he lived for that combo hehe)

But it never STOPPED being fun, just… not as many adrenaline-pumping close matches as there used to be, is all!


The MM is really dampening the experience. Rarely have full lobbies and then a lot of the times you get bad players.

But no. It never stopped being fun. :slight_smile:


Aye, I will give you that. Sometimes being matched with ‘that guy’ who runs circles around you as Trapper is an eye-opening reminder that there’s always room for improvement for your Monster game, or that Monster that Stage-1 wiped you so easily that it looks almost pitifully easy to accomplish.

Other times, it’s just a wee bit agitating to get stuck with a Trapper that can’t be bothered to dome, a Laz that couldn’t find his glove if it was attached to his hand (Oh wait…) and a Support who can’t bother to put the damn Laser Cutter away for several games in a row! :stuck_out_tongue:


Well that escalated quickly!
Lost my first 2 games as bob but apart from that ( plus obvious bob related crashes) I’m unbeaten and must have an average behemoth game time of about 4 mins. Too easy to flatten pubs. Also really frustrating playing with team members who are hopeless. Eagerly waiting macmans reply. Ranked could remove the one big negative evolve has which is that it punishes mismatches hard.


yeah we need it

we waste like 15 monster players each evening


@MacMan Hey man,
Any thoughts on this?