Ranked Play Status?


Any news or updates on when we are getting this? As a person who loves this games competitive nature, it is desperately needed. Whenever my crew isn’t on im forced to play pubs that 9 out of 10 times end up being very lopsided, disastrous, boring, or a mixture of all 3. Now I know not everyone is as into the game as I am or are simply just getting started but geez can it be brutal on the higher tiered players. I think I speak for all the competitive evolve players when I say this game needs ranked mode in the WORST way. A lot of the time we have to look up other teams to scrim and more times than not we are stuck playing our teams monster or are forced to go into the wild where we practically learn nothing and are not challenged as hunters or monster.


No updates yet. They’re probably busy as hell juggling with bug fixes, tweaks to balance, and other new content. Hopefully we hear some news soon.


Not a good idea to ask for an update on a weekend while Easter is no more than 24 hours away…


I get that they are busy, I just hope this is one of their main priorities because the game screams esport but is lacking one of the main components of such a game. Me and my team would LOVE to hop on and just go rank play some really good monsters for a few hours. It would totally revivify the competitive scene ya dig? :wink:


I don’t expect the devs to respond today, just got some free time and figured I’d post.


Nah, it’s okay :blush:

I just remeber how many posts does Mac have on his feed all the time. I feel like we’re all just bothering them all the time, me included :frowning: