Ranked Mode@Legacy


So last night I found a party for Ranked Hunt it found us a monster and queued everything up as normal. Unfortunately the countdown would restart itself over and over never actually connecting us to the point where we could select our hunter/monsters. Its like on stage 2 in the past where countdown reaches zero and you got the message no servers found to host game and it would reset the timer over and over. I dont think u can actually play ranked.


Were you able to get a Ranked match going? (out of curiosity)


well it at least cues up…

it may take time thought for people to bother with migrating.


So, it IS still possible to do Hunt (Ranked) mode and matchmaking with other people works? Anyone can confirm that he found other players and could play ranked matches? Because i searched but until now i could never find any people. So i’m curious if it is still possible?


I edited my first post by accident instead of making it a reply. As far as I know its just quickplay and customs. Ranked Hunt start timer just resets itself over even if it connects players in the queue. Although players backed out too quickly when I tried. Id suggest letting the timer run 4 or 5 times to see if it connects.


my ping diff made it to hard to input 8( but at least we got to mingle… ^.^


Oh hi, that’s me!


What are the chances everyone on your team was from the forums lol.


I don’t know,the first person I had met was not from the forums.


Any of you add me on Steam. ScornfulEpex Im looking for active and strong players. Im usually available lafte afternoon and all evenings pacific time.


200 ms is bliss for me lmao


Depending on how bad my ping is I could still join. I’m in Chile right now, so it might be very very bad, but we’ll see.


When I was in China, playing a different game, I could experience up to like 1,500 ms no joke it was so bad.


I used to get around 150ms average in Evolve and Rainbow Six Siege. Evolve was a lot more forgiving in that aspect since there’s so much more room for error and reaction, but Siege was just torture, and it’s not that much better in other games since devs (or whoever’s in charge of choosing where to put servers) tend to forget Brazil is not the only country in South America. Just picture people from both of the East and West coasts playing together.


For me, the game I was playing would be pretty good when I first start playing, like 150-160 I believe, and even 100 under very low circumstances, and then after awhile, it would leap up to the thousands, drop down to like 200, leap up to thousands, etc.

Also my iPad would keep losing connection to the internet whenever I was like a room away from the router lol. I would be doing something on my iPad, then I just lose connection and it was SOOO annoying.


Well if I ended up as monster it wouldnt be too bad… A few hiccups i noticed were laggging inputs from my keyboard.