Ranked Mode HYPE For those of you who didn't know

Nah, Rose… It’s perfectly balanced. o.o
If we say it enough times, it’s supposed to come true, right? <.<

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Yes. My focus determines my reality, master. If I repeat it enough, it will be reality.

So I cannot bend the spoon, and I cannot not bend the spoon. Rather, THERE IS NO SPOON.


How did I do what? The text there (I assume, since it’s the only thing I can think of hehe)?

Put a * before and after the words you want affected

#I don’t believe you fully comprehend what you’re doing, by choosing Markov…

Or he can just highlight the text and click on “quote reply” :stuck_out_tongue:

Or just link him this, and be done with it?

You ruined the fun…
And my feeling of being important…


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Yeah, that feeling must be crushed by the age of 2. :wink:

Indeed. Being lvl 40 means not much as a “good player”, i know. That’s why i’m curious about how the ranked matchmaking will be implemented.

I suppose that is based on leaderboard + a bigger level cap.

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Pfff yall worry too much. Hell, I’m on right now, racking up the wins!

Against pub monsters? ^.-

Granted that a couple were pretty umm… below par (I use that phrase loosely, ofc) but there have been good ones tonight as well!

Not to say I’m winning them all either. Bout 2/3 my favor so far (About 10 games in this session)

I’m just on HoTS, all of the people typically play with seem to be away/offline.

I see how it is :<

You’re offline. :wink:

Well NOW I am >.<

I was on for like… an hour and a half lol

Suuuuure you were. ^.^

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I leave for an hour and a half and you choose that time EXACTLY to play Evolve? ;_;

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hopefully like this but the pc playerbase is already too small for that

No, you saw the future, then commented it! You quoted what Shin said before he even said it!