Ranked Mode HYPE For those of you who didn't know

[quote=“MacMan, post:23, topic:61980, full:true”]
We are putting the finishing touches on this. Expect to hear a lot more about it soon. :sunglasses: [/quote]

Lets start the HYPE TRAIN !!!
Ranked on the way!


AHHHH I didn’t see that! So exited!


Ranked MM confirmed. It’s haaaaaaaaappeeeeeeeeeeeeening.


#Dreams do come true!

We can hope? ^.-

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Well… fuck.

In the sense of “FUCK YEAH!”.

i dont get it why so much hype for ranked!? (POST INTENSIFIES) …no but seriously why!?

Matchmaking will be fixed alot I guess…

Time to get my name in that Markov list.

You can’t stop me, Midnight! :smiley:

I can’t. Markov’s general terribleness will.


We shall see, missy! Need to bat off the dust, but you’ll be all like ‘Man I wish I could Markov like Bio! He actually looks awesome!’

can’t wait

Looks like I won’t need to have 4 friends on to have a challenging game anymore :smiley:


We can hope? ^.-
I haven’t tried it yet. ^.^

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dont get to hyped

we all know how great our matchmaking is right now

We know how long they have been working on this project so theres plenty of reason to be hyped for a mode that will most likely work as well as it should.

Be confident man. Also aren’t the MM problems on Xbox One only? I keep seeing that PC and PS4 are fine but I could be wrong.


Well I did say I could be wrong so I guess I am wrong :smile:

But I am still hyped nevertheless despite the issues

With Ranked being almost done we can expect a patch soon!!!

What time is the stream today? And do you guys think they will speak more on Ranked mode or T5? And are you sure MacMan was talking about ranked mode when he said that?

3:00 PST but I am not expecting a Hunter reveal but it would be awesome though