Ranked mode: CLAN and SOLO/DUO



If you want to succeed with Evolve, please add a RANKED MODE. The ranked mode is 4 players in lobby (hunters) versus a single opponent (monster). 2 types of RANKING Systems: Clan RANKED and Solo/duo RANKED.
In normal RANKED, each player has a rank as HUNTER and a rank as MONSTER.
In clan RANKED, the clan (who has at least 4 players) has a HUNTER ranking and MONSTER ranking.
When you want to play RANKED, you choose first in “SOLO/QUEUE” or in “CLAN” mode. In normal you can tag with a partner as a HUNTER, solo as a HUNTER or solo as a MONSTER. In clan mode, you can tag solo (MONSTER) or invite 3 people of your clan in the lobby then you tag HUNTER.

Please do it for e-sports because in 201x years, only external competition system based on private server (ESL, etc…) is not enough to succeed.


Not even sure if they are going to have clans. But seems you just took league’s idea and posted it here lol :smile:
And about e-sports, 5 man teams are way better, 1 monster and 4 hunters. Totally difrent then they would make it ingame.


The problem with tagging with 5 players versus 5 players is “5 players” are waiting and not playing… Or, you need to launch 2 games as the same time… so everybody plays.

So 4v1 is better in my opinion. In a clan, i think there will be 5 players: 4 as hunters and the last who always plays the monster.


Idk Prize money and stuff would be so weird when its 4v1, and with 5v5 you have more games = longer streams and stuff.You could do bo5 and maybe takes an hour/2hours or something, depends on the games ofcourse.


Wait… i’m talking about “inside ranking system”.

Of course, for ESL or others competitions, it will use a private lobby with 5 players vs 5 players and “n spectators”


a game gets really good in my experience when you get to the top level (50 in halo 3) and you use/have used on you, the top strategies. the non ranked queues got boring really fast when you are at the top level. not sure how they would do it, but a ranked playlist would be awesome.