Ranked mod


Hi Turtle rock (i m french so sorry for my bad english)

Evolve i m lovin it ! ! ! !

BUT i was the first griffin in the ranked EUROPE with more 160 win and for a few day i m in the 10000 with 3 victory so im very disappointed. . .For your information it’s not the first time so help me please :frowning:

My gamertag is chanceprintemps

Congratulation for this game and long life for you

An addict of Evolve


Ranked Mode is in the works I believe. Until then, ignore leaderboards. About all I can say.


It’s a known and sadly common issue. :confused:


Don’t worry about it. Not many cares about leaderboard. I, for one, never opened the leaderboards anymore since the first time I did while exploring the menus.


Yeah simply don’t care about the leaderboards, they mean nothing.