Ranked matchmaking


Is there a reason why as monster, I’m always getting paired with silver master and silver expert hunters (I’m only silver skilled), but when I play Hunter, I’m paired with a team who are all unranked or low rank bronze? Is there a way I can fix this? Maybe cheat the system or something? Because let me tell you, it’s a little frustrating constantly losing as both sides lmao. Especially on the monster side. If I purposely just lose a bunch of games as monster, will that help me at all?


Hunters play in premades

Most if not all silver expert hunters + . They play in pre-made . goal is to climb up the skill ladder/ have fun / chemistry & Communication . That is the only way

If gold destroyer hunter play with randoms . He will ended up being in Bronze

Silver skilled monster usually play against hunters approximately at the same level (bronze Elite - Destroyer + Silver skilled - expert - master )


I tanked my monster rankings on purpose from silver elite down to bronze destroyer. Got a match vs some lowbies. Crushed them. Gained 93 points…went right back up to silver.

I’m with you. It’s outright frustrating to lose every match. I’m not a pro-level player, but I know what I’m doing (mostly) . Every match I get at my rank is against pre-mades and good ones at that. Especially since I’m on an El Kraken kick lately and can barely take on scrubs, much less highly coordinated premades.

On the hunter side, I just want to hop on and get into some hunt with bronze destroyers etc… (I’m a bronze destroyer). I get lopped in with determining ranks and get stage 1’d!

It’s a lose/lose situation. At least in hunt.


Your monster and hunter ranks are seperate/not dependent on each other. Purposely losing games as monster will only result in demotion and cause you to face lower skilled hunters. This will not change the way matchmaking works for you when you are a hunter.


If you read the post completely you’ll find a deeply encoded message hinting at what happens when I play hunter…