Ranked matchmaking?


Quick question from absent player, who still plans to come back :smile:

How about ranked matchmaking ?
I went through Patch notes and see nothing there… are there any plans / dates / etc ?


Plans, yes. Date no.


Thank you, @MrMikeAZ.
So, my approach (to come back) is the same: plans yes, date no :wink:


maybe before March 2016 (LOL), fingers crossed

unfortunately, it was more important for them to push the 1st T6 hunter instead of delivering a feautre that would help everyone

unfortunately, its a long time ago when I heard something about ranked matchmaking from the devs
, so it doesnt seem to stand high in priority list


I’d wager it’s the next large project they’re working on- aside from Tier 5/69/420/etc. :stuck_out_tongue:


Lol Trapjaw I’m with you in that boat :D. Planning to come back when ranked mode is out until then…back to mortal kombat x / witcher 3


Do you know what those numbers mean? Or were they just random


Well not entirely random- people seem to snicker a lot when they’re said. No clue what significance 420 holds- though if it’s anything like 69 I don’t wanna know. :stuck_out_tongue:


420 is a drug reference


Kay den. <nnnn


Big thank you to TRS from returning player for implementing ranked MM ! :grinning: