Ranked grouping

I 've played about 20 matches over the past few days, but in every single match (bar one), i’m getting grouped with bronze destroyer and elite when i’m silver skilled, then we get put against a silver master monster. Is there a reason for this?

The thing that annoys me is that in about 70% of those matches, there’s always one or more players who are completely incompetent. For example, I see an elite Hank, so I go Val. He doesn’t shield a single point of damage to anyone until two of us are dead. Another being the plethora of trappers that fail to trap the monsters at all or the assualts who just don’t damage the monster.

I’m sorry about the rant, it’s just bugging me that i’m going to get demoted for something I don’t really have control over.

Hear, hear

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i have the same problem.
always in a lobby with bronzes as silver and we get silver master/destroyer monster. it’s super annoying.

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Yeah it just makes the whole ranking system that much more confusing. If I’m silver I want to get matched with other people who are silver, not 3 other “bronze skilled” people and a silver destroyer monster.

We all share your pain. There are plenty of similar topics. Playerbase is that there are many silver monters and little bronze ones, and many silver monsters cannot advance because of odd ranking points. Many silver players win/loose is beneath 1 while monsters have even over 100 wins and very little looses. There are a lot of total new players that don’t know basics. And game usually queue bronze hunters with silver monsters (or even gold ones too). Play with premades or suffer till TRS make adjustements. Or play monster.