Ranked games


Since Evolve is quite a competitive game, I want to suggest ranked and normal matches, to separate those who came to have fun and play and those who came to win and put every possile effort they can. With role preference system this will work quite well. Maybe you could make some ranked rewards, like emblems, or even skins!


There will be custom mode for people to try fun stuff in. It won’t effect the leader boards.


Have you played League of Legends? There are custom games, normal games and ranked. I was talking about that.


This was just posted in another topic


You don’t need queing system, that’s what I was saying. I think preference system is exactly what’s needed to have competitve play, since you can’t predict for sure who are you going to play. And there has to be restrictions for leavers, for, let say, 15 minutes for leaving the game.


15 minutes???

thats 5 games


Dude, that’s 1 game. You haven’t played against good enemy if your games end in 3 minutes.


I think since people have specific roles they specialise in TRS wants to accommodate this and not make you take any other classes you might not want (and might not be as good at), of particular note would be choosing monster and getting a hunter role or vice versa


You see, if you’re really good player, you have to be versatile and skilled in every possible role. That’s what outranking is. If you win the match as your least preferable role, you should gain bigger score.


still 15 minutes is fucking ridiculous for a wait time. even by LoL standards where its a cake walk and the game lasts 30-60 minutes and takes minimal skill.

Evolve on the other hand doesnt have hour long games.


that is incredibly false


Dude, I think those who leave the game and let the team down should be severe punished.


Wait no ranked play at launch? That is almost disappointing enough for me to want to cancel my preorder…almost


I think they shipped the game already, so they might have it ready for launch in a patch.


Dota had the best leave punishment system ive ever encountered.

If you left 2 times the game assumed it wasnt your fault no punishment, random DC.

On the third abandonment you get thrown into a low priority pool for 6 games where you do not gain MMR, the only credit you get is one less low prio game to play.

The monster player leaving only gives a win to the hunters and doesnt let a “team” down. Due to the length of matches in evolve 15 minutes is absolutely ridiculous.

the whole concept you have of what would be acceptable ranked play is ridiculous anyways on top of this arbitrary extreme punishment.