Ranked Evolve


Hey All

I am here to make a suggestion, unlike every other Tom, Dick and Harry bagging out the game I love it but one thing I have started to notice is the lack of any incentive to continue playing. I really think it would be great if, in the future, a competitive matchmaking system could be implemented and create a “Ranked” version of Evolve. Like the game has plenty of strategic depth to accommodate such a system. You have synergies with certain Hunters and Monster mechanics are really solid. So why not take it to the next level. If any of you are familiar with Shootmania Storm (great game but no one in the Australia region plays it) there is a ranked game mode that is 3v1. Pretty much competitive teams consist of three people. One person has a one shot instant death sniper with a long wind up and the opposing team has small four blast burst guns that take off a single point of health. The Lone Gun has as many lives as there are opposing players. So imagine if Evolve worked off a similar premise? The only thing that would need to be added to implement this type of mode (at least I feel) is substantial map changes. Like think of a game like CSGO for example. When playing on certain map’s tactics change. The way each team rotates with a failed attempt or spots that people like to camp on. In Evolve it’s currently up to the monster to be like “Yeah this spot suits me” and hunkers down until the Hunters catch up. I feel that maybe some map effects might have subtle differences that favour either the Hunter or the Monster, just little things that you have to keep in mind so as to not blindly rush in to each map with the same strat in mind.

Anyway this was just an idea that I had, no one has to listen but it is just some food for thought. If anyone has suggestions I’d love to chat about it.


They have said that this is in the works. Macman confirmed it a couple days ago.


Oh sweet! I wasn’t aware xD

Cheers man!


Only thing is that I wonder how they would be doing it. Would there be a Monster rank itself and another for Hunters or would all the progress add up to one ranking numeric. Gonna be a tad tricky if you ask me.


Yup, I’m excited to. Also Spectator mode and other goodies down the pipe. Because the question was answered, going to go ahead and close down the thread. However, there is a Dev tracker up top. Please feel free to check them out. Might have to sift a little with the flurry of activity right now, but they are really cool guys/gals.


Not too sure. Hopefully we find out details when they get closer to releasing it. I’m hoping that it really promotes the organized groups and monsters from ‘pub stomping’.