Ranked Brondze/Silver/Gold


8 win 2 lost
and I am SIlver skilled ???
This is fail ranked system… WTF???


Monster or hunter?
Also i think founder status may influence ranked positioning…


bug ?


Or you didn’t play any gold players and so the system determined silver. If I go into a basketball tournament and play 10 games against people in wheelchairs, I shouldn’t consider myself top tier. Most likely you are in the correct position. If you are truly gold you will get there after being matched up by better teams.


Have any idea if founder status involves in ranking too?


I’m pretty sure not. It wouldn’t make sense to have matchmaking determine results based on match score AND some file/flag on an account.


That doesn’t make any sense , since he is playing the placement matches before he gets his rank , he obviously won’t be playing the top 1 players in the game , so he will 90% of the time be playing games with players with undeterminated rank , geting silver after wining 90% of your games is not a good thing, and that’s not how “ranked” games usually work , unless evolve wants to do something more “special” than other games out there with ranked sistem/matchmaking ,


That is precisely how it should work. If both sides are Determining Rank, simply having more wins doesn’t make you gold. For all I know he played 8 silver teams and won, played 2 gold and lost. The game would still plant at silver. Ranking is NOT a ladder that you climb and once you get X ratio of wins/losses you go up ranks. It’s based on who you play. Not your win/loss rate.


No, it DOES MAKE SENSE. And here is why:

If he won 8/10 matches and most of those matches were against hunters that were on a losing streak. Let’s say those hunters lost 8/10 matches - then he gains very few points for winning those monsters because the MM system predicted that he would win anyway. If he wants to get gold, he would need to win 8/10 matches and at first, beat players that were right in the middle of the skill ranks. Then beat players that are in the “silver” zone of the skill system, and then finally get matched up against gold level hunters. If he can beat silvers and gold level players, then he deserve to be in a gold level as monster.

Currently, there aren’t a lot of gold or even silver level hunter players, so no. You’re not going to get to gold as monster until you start playing against silver hunters and beat them consistently.


The part not making sense is that since they all have undeterminated rank, the sistem shoundn’t know who is better or not unless he gets a rank … and they don’t have that rank yet , do they lol . So the thing that he might be playing silver or gold can’t happen since they DON"T have the gold or silver ranks , they are practicaly a blank slate , that is why you do this “Placement” matches … for the sistem to know AFTER its done where you stand and not WHEN you play them lol


That’s not how matchmaking in placement works , after he gets a rank that is how it should be as you described . Unless they made something complectly different than other games with ranked sistem


But he doesn’t know if they are Determining Rank or not. Not everyone you meet in Determining Rank are in fact Determining rank. In an effort for the system to try and get your correct ranking, it might match you against some bronze, some silver, some gold. It doesn’t always work like that, but it does a fairly accurate job. I’m not sure why you think the system is broken. If he won 8 games, lost 2 and was like bottom bronze, that would be something to look into. There is a very small playerbase that is even in Gold so without the background data it looks like it is working as intended.


THis is placement matches…
lol 8/2 = silver skilled rank ? really? where is logic ?


You can still fight bronze, silver and gold while YOU are in determining ranks. You are never ONLY playing DTRs.

Ok, lets assume that you never played ANYTHING but DTRs, which in essence have no real value because they are blank slates. This means the game is ONLY going for your 80% win rate. There are WAY less than 20% ratio of Golds in the game. So even if you were basing NOTHING but your ratio, you would still be silver.


When it says “determining rank” you actually have a score but it’s hidden. Most of the “determining rank” players you went up against were probably scored very low. If you beat low scored hunters, you gain very few points towards ranking up. You have to win let’s say 1,000 games against the worst players to be ranked “gold” - if you win 10 games against “silver skilled”, you’ll be “silver destroyer” or MAYBE “gold skilled” for example. Just because you win 8/10 doesn’t automatically mean you get gold ranked. You haven’t played against enough good hunter players for the system to know if you really deserve gold rank or not.


Imagine being level 60 in world of warcraft and trying to grind to lvl 80 in the new player zone. How many mobs would you need to kill to hit lvl 80 in a lvl 1-3 zone? It would take forever.


this is why at the beginning of a ranked season you should wait 2 weeks so you have more chances to get high skilled players against.


There’s really no reason wait. The more people we get into ranked mode the sooner we can get the ball rolling. Don’t worry so much about your ranking, just play ranked and get more of your friends in ranked so we can start getting good 50% win/loss ratios going on.


placement matches = random position :smiley: well done…


Also I confirmed that Stage 2: uses Glicko.

Previously in Legacy they mentioned you should wait about 50 matches before you’re true rank will come through to start.

The reason they rank you after 10 is because no one would want to sit through 50 matches.

Also it’s new and could be a long while before a lot of people rank, meaning it needs some sort of parity to work off of.