Ranked becoming Legacy hunt?


I was roaming the forums and found a comment that said that Ranked is gonna be legacy evolve

Who is excited?

And was this quote from a credible source? Could you quote it? This thread has absolutely no substance, especially for such a big claim.


I guess you shouldn’t believe everything you see. Sorry for taking your time


Edit: My badddddddd. :grimacing:


He’s referring to this if you’re interested in reading:


That was onthier own notes .

Im not posting nonsense. I actually read that in a post from one of the devs. Tyvm.



Ty! :heart: for backup!


omg, I just read the changes, I should do more research sometimes


thank you for making this post, i really needed some clearence on the ranked situation as i am waiting for the update so i can queue with an organised team, appreciate the clarificaton :thumbsup:


Just to be clear, the devs did not say they are returning to legacy. They said “classic” as in “pure” and someone else quickly mistook this as legacy. The devs did not say they are bringing back legacy hunt.

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