Ranked #10 Hank on PS4 in the world!


Hey guys!

I am currently ranked #10 in the world for Hank on the PS4! Come watch as me and one of the top ranked Ciara’s stomp some monsters, even come join up or challenge us to a match!
Unihorne on Twitch.tv!


Congratulations, but at the moment it’s impossible to take the leaderboards seriously. They’re based on time played, not skill or w/l ratio, and a lot of people lost their progress or had the leaderboards reset.


not on ps4. not alot of resets. i havent seen any reporting it on ps4.

but tis true its about whoever plays the most and wins often.


I’m also pretty sure you could just boost rank in private matches. Right now I’m the #5 undefeated Kraken on Xbone at 40-0, but #1 is 209-0. I find that hard to be legit…


Private matches, leave before lose (that is a horror show right now) ect

Leaderboard is hard to take seriously, but who cares, as long as you good as hank it is what it matters


I have tested, private matches did not effect my stats. I may have been playing more than most people, but I have also won more than most people, which is all the leaderboard ranking is based on. If I had won every game I played as Hank, I would be rank 1.


I’m currently 3rd with val on ps4 and there is MASSIVE problem with leaderboards to me and its the fact that it’s based SOLELY around wins. It should be based around how much healing/reviving you do as a medic and wins, not just wins. Also damage for assault, How many traps and hooks you’ve landed as trapper etc.


Totally agree that the rank should be based on individual performance as well as team wins.