Rank The Hunters?


I wish to see how other people think the Hunters are ranked

The following in my opinion…


Markov - Seems like he is the best out of the bunch. You can keep damage on the monster and if you need to defend then his land mines come in really handy!

Parnell - His shotgun really hurts and its pretty easy to score hits with. The rocket launcher is pretty good to however Im not the best shot with it. The super soldier serum seems rather lack luster however.

Hyde - I really want to like Hyde, I really do. But his Flamethrower is really short range and his poison bombs can really hinder someone trying to get away from the monster. The mini gun is alright though.


Griffin - Normally Griffin is a low tier trapper is the hands of someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing. But once you figure out where to put those sound spikes and how to work the harpoon gun? He’s possibly the difficult Trapper to get away from.

Abe - He really is the most annoying Trapper when you’re playing monster. Sure you can out sneak him if you’re good enough but once he has tagged you its a real chore getting untagged The part I hate about him the most is those damn stasis grenades. He can throw the damn things out like M&M’s.

Maggie - Not really surprising since she’s the new player Trapper. Maggie is good if you don’t know how to track or if you have a particularly sneaky monster. However other then that she really doesn’t have a whole lot going for her since her traps take at least 2 seconds to arm and Daisy doesn’t do anything in a fight.


Hank - Hank is sometimes worse then the medics themselves. The only thing better then being healed from damage is just not taking damage at all, which is very easy considering the range of his damn shield projector. The laser gun does pretty good damage and if you catch a monster in the middle of Evolve. Well his orbital strike will assure he wont have a quarter of his health.

Cabot - He’s fairly useful when tracking the and fighting the monster. That damage buff gun can really tear through a monsters armor before they even know it. Also the added benefit of his dust tagging can really help staying on track with a monster. The rail gun kinda fall flat however.

Bucket - Not really a fan of bucket. The UAV is really nice and all but you have to then play catch up with your team after using it. The rocket launcher is kinda lousy. He only ever really shines in a defensive fight because his turrets can pump out more damage then any assault!


Caira - Whenever I have to face a Caira as monster, it really is one of the biggest pains in the ass. There’s nothing quite like a medic that can shoot at her feet and just tank damage while the rest of the team beats down on the monster and if you try to ignore her? Then she just heals the team like its nothing. The speed buff it pretty nice too.

Val - Give her to someone who knows how to aim with a tranq gun and just watch the monster burn up all his escapes, then you just tranq him some more! She’s also got that real nice long range heal so she can keep far away from the action + put a weak point.

Lazarus - A deceptive medic and I’m not referring to his cloak. On paper the idea of reviving anyone without aking any strikes does sound good. However once you go up against a monster that knows Laz’s tricks… well he’s kinda screwed.

This post was a bit longer then I thought it be. But I’d love to see your thoughts on the different trappers and who you think is the best/worst of the bunch!


Interesting list. Rather than “best Hunter,” I might instead say “best Hunter for any given team/scenario.” I think every Hunter has his or her place on different team compositions, but there probably are some Hunters that are picked more than others because they are slightly more versatile - for example: Markov, Caira.


This is what’s known as a tier list, and imo, there should values for each hunter vs each monster to determine who’s “top tier”
For example
“Hyde - 90/100 against Wraith
Parnel - 75/100 against Wraith
Markov - 80/100 against Wraith”

Then average everything to determine scores and, therefore, who’s “top tier.”
It would, of course, be very opinionated, as most tier lists are.


This is why I said state your opinions.


Right, and my opinion is that no Hunter is really better than another.


I would put hyde above parnell, abe above griff, and cabot above hank in that list but it is situational.


Maggie is the best trapper in the game if put in the right hands.


I will agree to disagree :stuck_out_tongue: however she is amazing as you said in the right hands :slight_smile:


Paging @Plaff :wink:
Seriously this guy’s infuriating to play against when he’s Maggie.


I’ve rediscovered my love for Maggie recently, I thought I preferred Abe but Maggie’s still my main. Being able to keep the pressure on at stage one is so useful :stuck_out_tongue:


I feel like Markov is always the safest choice out of al of the Assault Hunters. If you have him on Aviary you can completely deny one of the tunnels with your arc mines and it’s so useful, especially when the Monster is in the snowy area that only has two entrances.

Maggie is amazing, you just need to take some time to learn where to place your traps in combat. I see a lot of footage of people just placing them in the open without much thought, but you want to put them in corners and on ledges so that when they do snag the Monster it’ll be forced to turn around and deal with them. If I’m against Goliath, I’ll put them a little further back from edge of high-points so that if he leaps he’ll be caught mid-air.

Daisy’s literally won matches for me with her clutch revives too, Monsters just seem to forget about her whilst they focus on getting a Hunter down,



1st Caira: I think caira is top teir she offers way too much. Her speed boost makes it so you can close distance on the chase or for the super clutch dome plus cant really beat her abillity to face tank like a boss.

2nd Lazarus: I think once monster players are better educated he gets worse, but he has a better sniper then val, also personal cloak makes sneaking around battles easy. the trick with laz is to let ppl die then the monster dosent really know where the body is and the assualt and trapper can chase/kite him away

Last Val: To start off i really want to like her. Her tranq dart is primetime wreaking ball, but her sniper rifle is super awfull its almost not worth using imo. Her healing ray has the fatal flaw of having a big green beam pointing you out. Where as caira can shoot and move and be harder to find


1st Cabot: This one is super close cabot only streaks ahead of hank due to one fact and thats damage amp. I’ve seen monsters just loose games because dmg amp hits and they run into a mine field and every one opens up. Also his abillity to help track is really good with the other trappers to help find the monster early. Also the secret super strong rail cannon people will often think of this gun as bad, but shooting through walls means he can keep monsters off power relays at a safe distance. Also this thing hurts like hell if its not shot through a wall.

2nd Hank: Only reason that he ranks below Cabot is most of the time his artillary barriage ethier cant be used (ie in a cave somewhere), or it hits once or twice and throws everyone around (which as a caira main makes me want to punch babies). His beam though is so fucking good almost unstoppable. His gun also is not to turn your nose at.

Last Bucket: To start off i love his UAV him lagging behind isnt too bad, but the player has to be really carfull not to get pounced/enviromented. His rocket launcher just feels lack luster i dont know the numbers, but it just dosent feel effctive. His turrets also dont fit the play style of the hunt (which is the best game mode). With the problem of having to be on the move all the time it dosent feel conducive to the style of gameplay.


1st Abe: So the reason i think abe is the best is because stasis grenades almost deletes any monster wraith cant move /attack fast enough, kraken gets downed from the sky, and gloaith can be kited. His tracking dart in theory sounds bad early, but most of the time with proper play (caira and cabot/ bucket) tracking becomes easy and once you find them once and tag them, you almost never leave from there ass (minus the wraith).

2nd Maggie: Its been said already daisy is sooooooo strong its like having a pacifist 5th player with super hearing. Also the harpoon turrets are so strong in the hands of a good player, and since there automated it allows her to do dps or focus on getting away/kiting.

Last Griffen: My reason for him being on the bottom lies easily on his tracking method. The spikes have so many issues with them. They dont track the monster if its sneaking. That means a good monster is going to be almost impossible to find with no tracks and no sound spike pings. Second the spikes can be smelled out by a monster which means that a good monster can see and play around the spikes or kill it. Third the fact that wildlife kills them is total bull, it alwasy ends up with us runing over to see if it was the monster. His harpoon though is super strong the best in the game and helps with keeping the medic alive (which i love). And his gun dose resnoable dps.


1st Markov: His kit is soo good its hard to point out my favorite of his, but his mines are just such a good tool. His lighing gun helps with adds like banshie mines or wildlife. And his rifle is just overall super solid. The reason i think hes the best is because overall hes good against all of the monsters and the mines have endless utillity from zoning an area off, like the tunnels in aviary, or just creating retreat spots during a dome.

2nd Parnell: This guy is so close to being the best the only reason i think he isnt is because he looses too much health between being focused by the monster and super solider. But that being said he cranks dmg that shotgun with dmg amp/or laz targets just means the monster rolls over dead and the rocketlauncher dose good dmg as well.

Last Hyde: This guy needs a lot of help possibly the worst character in the game. His flamethrower is so low on the dmg and takes the most amount of time for example (dmg numbers not mine from another thread)
hyde flame thrower-1664 Damage in 11 Seconds vs parnell Combat Shotgun - 1119 with 10 Shots in 4 Seconds or
markov Lightning Gun - 1028 Damage in 7 Seconds, and with the low range makes it almost impossible to keep the flame thrower on for a full 11 seconds. His secondary is just a worse version of markovs assult at just about 21 dmg per shot hydes lands at 18. Also markovs gun dmg can be done in 6 seconds vs hydes 12 seconds. And last and least is his stupid awfull grenades his grenades make me so mad. They have gotten me killed numerous time with their slow, but on top of that if the grenade hits (and the monster for whatever reason sits in ) it takes 9 seconds to do 633 dmg markovs mine does 630 and happens instantly.

Found the thread with the numbers Evolve Number Statstics

This concludes where i put these guys as indaviduals, that to be said in certain comps i think all of them cant fit into execpt hyde :frowning: which is super sad cause i love that guy :slight_smile: