Rank System for Evolve?


I’m loving Evolve. The strategic depth, and choices you have to make when picking hunters or monsters. I would love to see a ranked play mode. Get to see what your skill level is, see yourself progress, and mostly play with people who are on your skill level. To unlock this, you would need to be max level. This will give players a place to play competitively, and grow as hunter/monster. See who are the best in the world, and be an engaging community built upon Evolve. What do you think?

Great game, but painful multiplayer matchmaking

Yeah, I want my team to compete against the best monsters of the server, I want challenge :smiley:


What I think is that Turtle Rock is already busy with this kind of system. I think I saw it mentioned somewhere but be patient. Something is bound to come our way soon.


They definitely need to get a system so you are playing with similar players(assuming there isnt one) I hate when you get a four minute game cause the monster is very “sneaky” and you just light him up Cant level my classes enough. Plus I like the challenge of the hunt ;).


I really hope so! I know the game was just released so it might be a couple months to put in. I just hope they do it at some point. It will definitely give it more of a competitive feel to it.


I think ranked will come either way. If there is a competitive scene at some point is mostly up to the players. I’m sure Turtle Rock will support it in every way they when it turns out to be a big competitive game with pro tournaments. They build the foundation now we have to see how it is perceived by the public.