Rank rest bug


Today I was very unfortunate to have my level 12 account reset completely back to level 1!? I know that there has recently been bugs with the world rank system and people being rest to no wins but this is different! I have all the wins I have played and badges I hhave earned however my account has put me back to level 1 resetting all the achievements I earned and all the perks have been rest. I am very disappointed and annoyed since I really love the game and have supported it even when people have really raged on them earning the money back on very expensive DLCs but as a professional development team well known for your games this should not happen! I do hope this happens to no one else and also may even have my achievements etc restored as you can imagine is a very annoying matter. PLEASE HELP!


I assume this is on Xbox?

It is a known bug on 2k’s servers. They are working on a fix as we speak.


Thank you Takran but is there any way I will have what I had returned or am I going to have to just deal with it?


Be thankfull you were only lvl 12 I was lvl 29 with 2 elite skins when this happen to me and lost all motivation to play


Yeah I know dude I had an elite as well which sucked and I know a guy who had an elite wraith which can be a pain to get and had this issue and that was quite recently so shows they still haven’t fixed this bug >:(