Rank Reset


Just noticed something… I was top 15 on the Lazarus leader boards. (i think i was 8th earlier today. i just never screencapped it. i’ve played more than 4h on him) And today I changed my Steam username and now all of my ranks have been reset. I’ve had my 2k account linked the whole time. Why did my stats refresh?


Happened to me as well…

Was rank 45 in the world with Caira, then it reset all of my stats to 0, extremely disappointing.

Edit: Also got my Caira elite skin.


I know. I’ve played so much on Lazarus that I have his elite skin… I adore him and I was super proud that I was in the top 15 again. So much for being top. I’ll never get back up there now…


Aww, it’s alright. The leaderboards are flawed- they went off of time pplayed as opposed to actual skill or w/l ratio, and were rather buggy. I know it’s disappointing, and it’s always nice to be on a leaderboard, but it’s ok. Might I suggest just ignoring those things? They’re buggy, flawed and offer no real benefit. Hey, fun’s in the game right? Nevertheless, I feel for you. Good luck.


Well, I’ve branched out to other hunters since I hit top 15. (I’m in love with Abe now, if you couldn’t tell from the new name) It was just nice seeing my username up there, you know? : P


I know, I feel your pain all too well. And yes, Abe is great. As is his facial hair. : P


My rank just reset again today… :pensive: