Rank Rajat question

What exactly is Rank Rajat.

Sounds Indian, I like it :smile:

Rajat in Hindi means silver, so maybe silver rank? So not quite gold, but not bronze either.

Almighty Bucket is one :bucket_cute:

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So Bucket USED to be silver, but now is Golden Rod C3PU? :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh yea i know about that

I am actually Hindu btw. Thats why i was like WOW

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Oh you meant etymology?

Ah thank sentry gun :smile:

Bucket will be proud when you know a word in Hindi

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Hmmm now I want to see Bucket in silver :stuck_out_tongue:

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As long as you don’t share this with others, I present Bucket in Silver.



This made me lol :laughing:

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The Rank-Rajat Corporation is one of the Big Five gigacorps that run the Far Arm. They were originally a British/Indian concern.


So now they aren’t a concern? :sob:

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“Big Five?” What’re the other four?

Salveron must be one of those, cause duh.


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Ah i knew it. So that means Arthur will be a silver rajat with a generator as the medic. Makes sense.

im pretty sure jacks full name was jack arthur lennox, could be wrong but im pretty sure i heard matthew say it in that last stream he was in but again i could be wrong

The Big Five are;

The North Dakota Interstellar Transit Amalgam (NORDITA)
Celestial Materials Extraction & Transport (Celestial)
The Pradesh Institute of Technology - Research & Engineering (PITRE)
Earhardt Organics (of which Salveron is a subdivision)
The Rank-Rajat Corporation


Awesome! THanks

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