Ranges of Various Tools/Abilities


A few queries regarding ranges; for the community/developers - anyone who knows.
Hard, established figures in metres preferred over ‘pretty far’ or ‘not far’.

  • What is the basic range of a Sentry?

  • What is the range of the Shield Projector?

  • What is the range of a Shield Drone?

  • What is the max. uninterrupted range of Gobi?

  • What is the width of Gobi’s perception range to either side of the axis you launch him on? [How far to either side will Gobi ‘see’ the Monster in]


I know macman said the farthest Gobi will go is 200M Not sure about anything else though


No developers monitoring the forums who have the other ranges at their command?

I already checked the Evolve wikis - they come up dry.


I am pretty sure Shield Projector is 40M max. range… Or maybe 60M One of the two.


Thought gobi was able to go all the map ?


Surely there must be one developer who checks the forum from time to time and who has these figures at their command? It would be useful data to put on the Evolve wiki for people. I’ll put it on myself.


@MacMan what are the ranges of these devices?