Range monsters vs melee monsters


Hey guys, i have a thought on kraken / elder. not that im complaining about them at all but im pretty sure one of the patches was to make them better at range or i should say in krakens case then at melee. have TRS though about making it so the further away you are as kraken the more dmg you do, up to a cap of course.

although i would love the server kicking and party dropping issues fixed before that’s considered :stuck_out_tongue:


I don’t think they would do that but I cool idea, but for now wish for a Critical Hit :stuck_out_tongue:


ha, that would be pretty sweet, but i think in monster case it would be pretty op. also i guess i should put this here as well for the devs wraith decoy has a pretty substantial bug i’ve seen on multiple occasions. the decoy hit like 2-3 times at the same time on some hunters just normal melee hits. which pretty much does like 1/2 hp of a hunter coupled with the wraith using an ability its gg hunter.