Randoms love Sloths (the story of why I finally plugged my mic in.)


Like, really. They really REALLY love Sloths.

A pretty standard game of Hunt on Distillery. I’m Lazarus, standing lookout on that large warehouse-like building in the southern region of the map, watching the area where we had just seen some Harpies circling. I catch a glimpse of Goalie wrestling a Croc (not an elite, thankfully) along the coastline, so as is custom I ping him like mad. Mags and Dayze were already there in a flash, and as the bowl dropped, I boosted myself into position on the edge of aforementioned building, facing the generator. I’m peppering the caged beast with weak points, Maggie’s dropping poons left and right. Ok, so the Trapper and I are doing our jobs… where are the damage dealers at?

“Alright” I reason with myself, “our Support is Bucket, and he was just flying his head around a moment ago. He’s got some catchup to do. Understandable.” And sure enough, when I turn around I see the Tinman dutifully making his way over to us. Ok, fine. “But where the hell is Markov…?”

200 or so meters in the distance, way on the opposite side of the map, there’s The Russian Thunderclap doing a jig with ol’ Crowbill. Roughly half of his health bar is already gone, but being Lazarus that’s not really what I’m concerned about. It’s sad, really. I have to ASSUME that he thinks he has the Monster, as so many novice hunters do. There’s a chance he’s congratulating himself on soloing the beast right now, chuckling to himself that “Markov needs no teem to slay the Beast!”

But no, mighty though the Crowbill might be, he’s certainly no Goliath. That thing is still hopping around frantically inside this great big bubble, covered in tiny holes, harpoons sticking in his scaly ass at every step. But lo, the Arena just fell, and now the monster runs free.

We barely chewed through his armor. A Stage 1 beastie caught under a box, and we hardly put a scratch on him.

See, in Evolve, the Hunters have the power to overcome anything. The tools are all in the box, but each of the four companions has to use those tools to do their job. The Trapper and I were doing our jobs, and Support was doing the best he could. Assault has one job, possibly the most dangerous, but ostensibly the easiest; get in the monster’s face. Trapper can trap, Support can support, and Medic can drop heals all day, but if Assault isn’t assaulting, that monster’s never going to feel the heat.

But you know, outside of the 4 classes, there’s still other jobs to be fulfilled. For what is a team without a leader? Experience is just as useful a tool as any shield projector or harpoon gun. That’s when I realized that even though I was using my tools to do my job as Medic, I was shamefully underperforming at my job as leader.

As a dedicated Monster player, sometimes I forget how important it is to communicate. At that point, I decided that I wouldn’t be making that mistake again. I dusted off my microphone, plugged it in, and mustered up the best pep talk I could.

It was a long, shaky road, but in the end, we actually managed to pull it out. A brutal stage 3 brawl at the relay. And you know what? when it came down to the wire, it was that same Markov holding out against the beast, each with a sliver of health. The Goliath hopped out of there real quick; all he had to do was grab some armor and he could finish the job no problem. We had given it our best shot, but I thought for sure we had lost…
…Until suddenly: “Hunters Win!”

The killing blow was dealt by a Crowbill Sloth.

If there’s a lesson to be had here, I’m not sure what it is. But I am sure that from now on, I’ll have my mic at my side at all times for the rare chance I’m thrust onto a Hunter team. I’m also sure that I’ll be giving the Sloths the respect they deserve in future, regardless of which side I happen to be playing on.

Happy hunting folks. Hope to see you out in the wilds of Shear soon :wink:


Yeah, sometimes I feel very alone trying to talk and communicate with mics. It took me 5 games for somebody to finally say ‘ok’ in the text chat. Evolve NEEDS communication if you hope to win against a good monster. Hopefully the people that do communicate filter through from the lower level players.

Your post was very well said as well.


I love stories like that. I think this is why gaming in general can be so much fun. At the same time, people who have really thin skin can blow up and not enjoy themselves as much. Stay frosty my friends. :wink:


good guy sloth saves the hunters! that is hilarious and awesome. I think that there is actually some VO suggesting using sloths against the monster. I’m glad to know that it actually works!


This story is too OP!

I f’n love it, and your nicknames for the fauna of Shear are terrific!

I smile too much on these forums. :grinning:


Let thy Crowbill sloths beeth free from hunter harm.


I’m glad this worked for you. I have not had the same experience. On Xbox people barely have mics on, no one ever listens to anything, hunters are shooting at everything they see, constantly off on their own, not trying to cut the monster off, etc. In most team games, you can pick up the slack for weaker players, but in this game, every role is so unique and equally crucial that even one crap player totally ruins the experience for the hunters. Its so bad that I am actually considering passing on this game, because not enough of my friends seem interested and playing in public games is one of the most frustrating experiences I’ve ever had in games. And this has been my most anticipated game since early 2014…


Trust me. Just keep your mic in and stay in game chat. When people see others talking they usually hop into game chat or can at least here you and listen.


Nope. I used to actually advocate this as well, and in other games it seems to work, but not in this game. Also, unlike other games where some people slacking can be overcome, if anyone slacks in this game its excruciatingly difficult to win.


I’ve had sadder deaths as the monster…like leap slamming onto a pair of mammoth birds during an escape that decided to both release electrical bursts in their death throes…I might have cried…


I agree with the slacking, but I have seen people put mics in because I have mine in


I always have my mic in…it makes little different. Public games are a nightmare right now as the hunters.


I’ve just been playing Excavation and have seen many mics.


I’m happy for you. I have not shared your experience. I’m level 18 and the vast majority of my games have been an exercise in frustration when playing as the hunters.


Level 24 a small bit off of 25 :confused: Sorry you haven’t seen many people with mics.


What platform are you on?


Sloth downs me
dies right ontop of me
lazy trys to revive me with his device
doesn’t work
he is confused for a second then revives me normally
we all get up monster shows up downs hank
try and revive hank
i get hit and downed
“wtf the monster was no where me”
Look to see what downed me.
We lost that game since laz was being focused and hank and i were down