Randomness of the birds


The hell is this? I just had birds drop on me four straight times after feeding. What is the point of me being stealthy if there is an X percent chance of birds randomly dropping after I eat?

The randomness is really turning me off of this game. It’s a very dumb mechanic that makes being the monster not fun. I shouldn’t be punished for no reason.

There needs to be a reason or atleast a way to avoid it.


Carrion Birds spawn pertaining to a random chance- a dice throw if you will- but the chance grows larger with each animal eaten. So if I eat five reavers, I will be likely to spawn Carrion Birds with the next kill. If I kill two Mammoth Birds, however, that chance is significantly lower, but I have eaten six meats as opposed to five.

Yes, the randomness is very annoying. You seem very unlucky, though. What kind of eldritch satanic demonspawn abomination did you piss off to get four in a row?


I have no idea. It was in a custom and we were all laughing about it but still. This game won’t be taken seriously as an esport with random events that actually hurt the player for using skill.

It’s like the game is saying “ohh the hunters can’t find you? Ha, what about now?”

That “50/50” balance is thrown out the window when the game actively tries to screw you.


I think birds should trigger after every x meats. That would allow you to plan for it, have some good strats, be ready, etc.


Variance is still an important part of balance too, however. It allows new players the opportunity to win every now and then against super experienced players. It’s the reason Team Fortress 2 has random critical hits.

The problem is, things like that get on the nerves of experienced players, since random variance can screw you over as much as it can help you. It’s a balancing act. Personally, I feel bird variance should be random, or at least pseudo random. Not knowing when the birds are coming adds a sense of “Maybe it’s not safe to eat so close to the hunters” that I personally enjoy.

Possibly another option is to add a “Tournament Mode”. Disable all perks, birds have a set level of variance, etc.


They need to add something that screws the hunters than. The birds randomly shit on them, causing them to not be able to view the mini map or any markets on the map for X amount of time.


Thank you. You just made my day. Have a cookie. :cookie:

The Carrion Bird mechanic was introduced because sneaky Monsters could just remain hidden all game, no contest. Avoiding Scarebirds, Sound Spikes, Daisy, Darts, the UAV, Dust, etc, etc, is very easy. The only reason you can’t sneak uncontested is because of Carrion Birds, and they make the Hunter’s game much better. It is annoying, but I think it should stay, or maybe be tweaked.


It just feels like a cheap way to “balance” the game.


I get birds all the time, it never really hinders me though. By the time they get there, I’m long gone.


Tyrants, Sloths, Rhino things, Trap-jaws, Mammoth birds, Venom hounds, plants. Hell, as a monster I’m very satisfied that I only have to deal with birds.


This. The Hunters get screwed sideways upwards 365 and you get birds. Plus, as @xcrimsonlegendx says, by the time Hunters show up, you should be gone.


The birds haven’t been a problem until I played competent hunters.

All of those things also attack the monster though.


They do, but not as harmfully. A Blitzleopard is no threat to a Monster, but can knock a hunter sideways. A Nomad or an Armadon is a mild annoyance to the monsters, and can do legitimate damage to a hunter. And as for Megamouths and Tyrants…

… plus, of course, the monster can smell threats. Hunters have to rely on having Cabot around, and even then, revealing angry wildlife isn’t especially his job. So many times I’ve been pursing the monster, then suddenly BOOMSLOTHATTACK from behind a rock.