Randomly mastered Slim?

EDIT: I found out that I need to read patch notes next time before jumping to conclusions.

I’m not sure if this has been posted before, (if someone links me to another post I will delete this one). I have a little bit of a story before I state the bug. Some time ago, a little after T4 was released. I wanted to.master Slim. I put so much effort into mastering him, (but anyone that has tried knows what I am talking about). I was stuck on his level 3 Spore Cloud. I tried 3 days straight with little progress to the Spore Cloud becoming mastered. I got annoyed, so I stopped trying to master him. A couple days ago, I was changing my emblem when i noticed I had slims final emblem unlocked, (the one you get for mastering slim). I quickly checked to see if I had Slim, and sure enough he was mastered.

TL;DR Slim released, I try harder to master him. He was hard to master so I quit trying. One day I somehow mastered him without even playing him.

It could be due to them changing the mastery requirements for slim. Can’t remember if they did or didn’t though

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Yes. There was a bug where you got other players’ masteries for them. I got Slim’s Tier 2 elite challenges while playing Griffin.

They lowered the requirements for his mastery, so I’m guessing you already had enough for the new requirements, and thus elited him.

Mastery requirement values were changed so you had probably exceeded the requirements of the new values. :smile:


I got teir 1 and 2 Slim while barel playing him.
EASY ELITE! :smiley:
I hope I can get all my teir 2 done and get more slim games in while being a different class before this is patched. It makes me feel good when I elite someone.

It happened with me after the first patch for both Hank and Cabot.

Check the patch notes. Spore cloud went from 50 revives to 10.

I should check the patch notes before I file something like this. :confounded: That explains a lot.

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