Randomly getting unwanted game modes


Why is it that when im playing hunt mode that i randomly get stuck in rescue and nest mode. I unfortunately dont like these game modes which is why i play hunt mode all the time.


i did notice they happen and occur alot lately. you can vote to skip to get get around it or just play it and you go right back to hunt


Yeah i never did try vote to skip. Figured it was map only since i guess when im playing hunt the mode shouldnt change to begin with lol. But thx ill keep that in mind.


change category to bugs by the way


I wasnt sure if it was intended or not but will do


It’s known.


Figured since its been happening since day one just hadnt seen it in a while.


It seems to happen when someone drops and another person takes their place. I imagine it’s along similar lines as the ebonstar bug, though who knows.