Randomize what character the AI chooses

If there is no person in a class slot, the AI always picks the first character in that class and (if I’m not mistaken) always takes the capacity increase perk.

Wouldn’t it be great if instead it randomized which character and perk it chose? That way people aren’t alway subjected to being the same character when they drop into the middle of a game.

You might even find an interesting combination of character and perk that you never would have thought about.

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This has been brought up a lot and I agree. Someone was telling me that the latest patch for the PC included this.

The latest patch on PC has this so id guess itll be coming to consoles soon enough

This is great news, I knew I couldn’t be the first to think of this


Really?! No foolin’?!

I know it works for solo, not sure about MP yet.

Yeah I’ve seen it in Solo, but to my knowledge, I don’t think its in Multiplayer.

No foolin, jumped into a match, only person in lobby was me and a trapper, match started, expected Val, Hank, and Markov, found myself fighting Parnell, Caira, and Bucket 0_o

I agree. Though I have the impression that there’s an underlying reason to this. All players know how to play with T1.

I hope this will be put in the game. although the ai doesn’t track the monster which is why Maggie is the best for the ai.

You’d be surprised…
Or they’re playing terrible on purpose.

Either way, it sucks.

Yes, my matches have the AI picking Abe, Laz, etc…

Them playing terrible on purpose could be an ugly consequence of forcing people to play a side they didn’t choose…It’s complicated.

Is that for MP or solo?

Multiplayer. Me and another guy from forums joined que together, and the bots on medic/trapper; decided to pick Abe and Laz. Don’t ask me why, I thought it was a nice change.

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PC or console ?

Me? I’m on the PC version.

Yea I figured. I know that patched that in to the PC version. I can’t wait for the console patch.