Random YouTube Redirections (Mobile)

So I’m getting what I assume to be a bug a few times recently. I will tap a thread (or post with spoiler text) and will get redirected to YouTube to either a random video or a video posted elsewhere in the thread.
For example, when I open this thread, YouTube comes up and displays a video of Pacific Rim OST.
This is with mobile only and I’m wondering if anyone else had this happen or is aware of it.

Not even happened to me :confused: that’s really odd

Click on that and see what happens. This post is the Pacific Rim OST

Yeah that takes me right to YT as well. Actually when I got a notification someone liked my comment in the aforementioned thread, it sent me to YT as well.

This has happened to me too. I thought it was just my device…

This used to happen to me quite often before, it’s a very old bug. :confused:

@mizx What have you done!! :stuck_out_tongue: