Random spawning places for monster and hunters.(+1 more idea )


What do you guys think about the idea of making starting locations random for monster and hunters.( with some min distance set between hunters and the monster, so hunters wouldnt be dropped right on top of the monster ).

This would help to reduce this kind of “typical” gameplay, where more skilled players start the round by going through the routine paths, making the same jumps, eating in same order etc.

Same could be done for many of the wildlife. Atm, there are specific places where you find mammoth birds, elite wildlife etc, so game success becomes largely about memorizing everything.

  1. I was thinking that it would be better if in match making, hunters/monster would choose their character and class before they are matched. This would help to save time, by avoiding situations where you wait a while, select your class…wait a while for the monster…then get a match, and…someone doesnt pick his character or quits.

Instead, when 4 hunters are found, they would choose their class, and also their character+perk. That would also be the time when they watch whatever tutorial videos.
Same for monster, when he is waiting for hunters, he chooses his monster and perks, and when match is made, the match would start straight away.

  1. Don’t agree with random spawns. It’s interesting indeed but it is very likely to cause a few problems hence my disagreement.

  2. Prechoosing characters I also don’t like since it requires a rework of the lobbying system and also would in my eyes be pointless. Trying to save time is also not generally a reason I accept for lobby changes since it takes maximum of like, five minutes to get into the game.


Regarding the random spawning, that would hurt Evolve’s standing as an eSport. Competitive tournaments hate RNG and want to remove it as much as they can.


I don’t like the idea of random spawning.


The only way I could see random spawn locations working, is if both teams spawn in the same location (with that location being different every time).


What if the random spawns were the 5 places of Arena domes, with a default 60 second duration and the Monster with full armor?


  • Variation for different games
  • Newbie friendly as they get into the action right away without running straight after Daisy for 10 minutes
  • Less initial sneak play
  • Somewhat lore friendly: We found a Monster somewhere on this map! Trap it immediatly and kill it now!


  • Random spawns bad for competetive scene
  • High pressure on Stage 1
  • Less initial sneak play
  • Monster has to wait for Hunters to drop


I like your second idea. If it takes 5 minutes to find a monster, the hunters should chose. It could reduce play time by 2 minutes. That could speed up 2.0, but other problems will need fixing as well.


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