[Random Questions]


Hi there i have some random questions that i hope the Devs can answer my questions or the community ^^
anyway heres my questions…

  1. Are the old maps gone forever or are they getting the same treatment as the 4 maps we have now?

  2. Are the Tyrant gone forever?

  3. Are we getting some new Monsters and Hunters (not variants of the exsisting characters)?

  4. any chance to see the good ol Velvet Worm as a playable monster?

  5. Any plans for people to play a “classic mode” there you have Legacy settings on classic maps?

  6. any chance to see Hunt taking place under the water and have dedicated Hunters and Monsters for that? :stuck_out_tongue:

  7. any news about the upcomming character Variants? :stuck_out_tongue:


Not really.


They’re likely being revamped over time and added at a future date.

Don’t believe so. I asked @LadieAuPair and it didn’t seem like she knew why they were gone so beats me.

No news on this so there won’t be confirmation until they’re ready.

The Velvet Worm was scrapped for many reasons, among them was the fact that it’s movement was wonky and burrowing would be a challenge.

This is already do-able for Founders.

I’m going to say no. This would require entirely new maps, rules, time limits, gameplay mechanics, wildlife, Monsters, Hunters, particles, etc. It’d be like building an entirely new game so no; not happening.

The only adaptation news we have is on E Griffin and Renegade Abe (A.K.A Renegabe). We know what they look like but nothing about them.


I’m pretty sure I read that they “didn’t like the way they worked”. Or something along those lines. Revamping the AI on them, I think is what they were implying. Serious lack of river animals without them, lol. And that health regen buff is well missed.


[quote=“10shredder00, post:3, topic:89947”]
Don’t believe so. I asked @LadieAuPair and it didn’t seem like she knew why they were gone so beats me.
[/quote]IIRC it was mentioned in the patch notes that Tyrants are under some kind of revision as they didn’t like they way they worked with the current build. So I imagine that they’re likely to come back once said revisions are done.


They said, as I recall, “We didn’t really like the way Tyrants worked so we’re removed them until further notice.”

Heavily implies that they are being reworked, not removed.
They also said that they were redoing all the other maps like the four we have right now, which is cool.

And you can always switch to the Legacy version as you please, as they said.


I heard if pc beta testing for evolve go’s well it will be put on console like xbox one on June 15 at least at that time. I want to know what time pc beta testing ends


On the subject of Tyrants!

They weren’t as good as we wanted them to be, so they’re in the shop getting worked on. Once we’re happy with them, they’ll be added back to the maps. I’ll let @RaymondLukes provide more info if he wants :smiley:


Tyrants needed a minimum depth of water to function correctly. Part of the map beautification/fixes/balances reduced water depth therefor the tyrants needed be reworked. We wanted to take this opportunity to not just fix them but make the Tyrants cooler.


Make 'em look like the gators, just basking in shallow water, then they come at you lighting fast!

That would scare the pants off newbies!


Are they going to be more like real crocodiles now, or different? :slight_smile:

Either is better, just curious right now. I like Tyrants.


are we gonna see some deep water on any of the reworked maps?


@Mt_Everett Tyrant’s look isn’t changing just the behavior and role in the game.

@Brannomo I don’t think deep water in the normal play space is going to come back but there is deep water at the edges of maps already so the tyrants will play a role there…


Tyrants to keep us from going out of bounds? :slight_smile:


Any ETA for new maps?