Random monster/hunter


Sorry if this has been answered, I haven’t see it in my digging. Do we know if there is a ‘randomize’ option for hunters/monster. So during the character match up screen there would just be a Silhouette of the hunter/monster as a question mark. This could lead for some interesting moments when you don’t know exactly who/what you’re up against until you get visual confirmation.


Good question. Obviously only for the daring, those who wanna endure pain and suffering, or who really kick ass.


Heck, I’d even be ok with a gameplay type that just hides who you are up against full stop. Make it exactly like Hunt mode but without knowing what anyone else is until you see the in the drop ship and the monster face to face.


Currently, it’s blind picks. You don’t know who you’re fighting against until everyone has locked in. As a Hunter, you DO see your teammates’ picks though.


But after everyone is chosen, don’t you see what everyone is on the loading screen before the match? I want THAT to be a giant mystery as well :slight_smile: That way when you’re hunting you really don’t know what you’re going after just yet. Doubly so if they sneak and you can’t see his footprints. Ooooh that would be delicious.



We used to have “random”, but nobody used it, so we pulled it.


Awwww :slight_smile: I love Random. I used to be pretty good in SC2 with random. I think they were thrown off because they didn’t know what build to use before they scouted me. I thought it was great :slight_smile:


@MaddCow @MacMan Yeah, somebody brought up the idea of keeping the monster and hunter selections secret during alpha. I didn’t really understand at first, but the initial discovery of finding out what you’re hunting or who is hunting you in game would make for an interesting experience. I’d like to see it, even if it ends up being another mode or a mutation modifier ala L4D.

Also I could see random being really fun once you know all of the characters and monsters.


That’s not true, i used random, the game was fun and I didn’t care who was I playing as, so i had random for most of my matches any time i was a monster i was a little disappointed because i was missing on chatter as a hunter. But then i kicked ass and my happiness level went back.


@dupalec I think you’re talking about role preferences. You’re right, we do have random for that.

The conversation was previously talking about choosing a random character inside of a class. Wouldn’t have mattered for the alpha, since you only had access to a single character within each class, but for the shipping game, we could support random. Problem with that is that your teammates wouldn’t know either, which kind of sucks for them. Not knowing what medic you’re teamed up with, for example, would be detrimental to the rest of the team. So it wouldn’t make sense to be an option for Hunters. And it seems weird to have a random option just for the Monster, but maybe that’s o.k.


Ok, I see. Yeah, in a way you are right, but TBH, it really doesn’t make that much of a difference when you think about it. The key element is who are you playing with, if it’s with random people, most likely I won’t be choosing my class character based on what they are choosing, even if that would make a lot of sens when playing with friends. If somebody is going Val or Lazarus their playstyle will be completely different in either scenario but it makes no difference in a way of my playstile, as long as they are doing their job. That’s the difference for me at least. No biggie, i confused the both “randoms” so it’s all good anyway.


A lot of times that’s true. Some classes and characters matter more than others, but it’s still my personal preference to be able to select perks based on my teammates.

I’ll give you an example. When Lazarus is on my team, I like to take the Health Regeneration Perk because Lazarus can’t actively heal is team very well. He can do a bit with the Heal Burst, but it’s not enough.



hehe, ill counter that with this:

If i go play with random, and I don’t know how good of a medic you are, ill take that perk regardless :slight_smile:

But i see your point, like i said before, it really makes no difference, i will not actively seek out “random” just because i want to prove something.

[edit] hmm this reply thing gets the better of me… sometimes i reply to myself… LOL

[edit2] @MacMan There’s the idea, what if nobody knew who are they fighting against until, they meet in battle? Something like invisible selection on split screen in some fighting games. That would be cool.