Random maps for Customs

@MacMan I caught the stream for the new patch earlier, everything you guys changed seems awesome. I was alittle disappointed though that a random map choice wasn’t added for custom games. It is just a small quality of life change but it would make custom games so much better. I play customs both off and online and it is really annoying to have to back out to the main menu everytime you want to play a new map or be forced to stick with the same one over and over. I hope you will consider this for the future. It is honestly the No. 1 thing I am hoping for out of future updates.


I’ll get it in the que.


Thank you so much @MacMan!! You have just made my entire month!!!


Random map would definitely be a nice feature! A “random map effects” option would be cool and seemingly easy to add with it. It would create a fun, fiesta-style game. random map + random effect + round robin = good times for a party of five.

Putting [Random Effect] or [None] as the effect choices of the map [Random Map] would be a good way to keep the UI consistent. :slight_smile:


@MacMan Im loving this new update and lennox. She is amazing, but I would be lying if I said I wasn’t alittle disappointed that the option for random maps in custom games didn’t make it into the update. With everything going on right now with the new hunting season im sure TRS has had more important things to worry about, but I really hope this is still in the works somewhere.

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Random maps! Random maps!

Please. I must have this. It’s kind of weird that I have to keep backing out to change the map.

Random Skin option as well please! @MacMan

I’ve been a mad collector on Evolve since it was released and have every skin that was made available including arctics and events. Would love to see the option to just grab a random skin each game or to set it for my offline bots and forget about it. Seeing different monster patterns without having to change them manually each match would be awesome.

I bugged it to the live team again. Not sure where it is at currently but that should bump the priority.


Good idea! I’ll also bug this.

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Being awesome as always, MacMan!

All we need after that for custom games is a manual dmg,armor, or health handicap option for people who outgrow the difficulty of bots. Essentially something that lets us increase damage, health, or armor by a percentage or something.

I currently play with favors the monster as well as extra wildlife for them to eat but I generally win against all except the occasional Goliath with his awesome AI.

Would be interesting to see the youtube vids posted using different modifiers with a system like this. How strong of a monster can you beat sort of thing.


Thank you @MacMan!!! You guys are awesome!!!


what’s the news about the randommap and skin options? @MacMan

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Yes @MacMan, I am very curious about this aswell. You touched on my question about this in the livestream about two weeks ago but only talked about adding a quick play option to matchmaking. While I find this to be awesome news it really had nothing to do with the question I asked and left it unanswered.

Only so much I can do. The wishlist backlog is bigger than the current live team can handle so all the tasks get sorted and assigned in order of priority.

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I understand. Thanks for the update @MacMan. Hopefully it will make it into the game someday. Keep up the great work. You guys at TRS are Awesome!

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