"Random map" or automatic map rotation option in custom games?


I’m so surprised that this isn’t a thing in the game that I’m still half-convinced that maybe I’m just a huge idiot and never noticed the option, at which case I’m sorry, please enlighten me, I couldn’t find it!

Playing custom games with a group of 5 was a blast, but we kept forgetting to change the damn map. While the fact that we didn’t get bored of playing Aviary six times in a row or even entirely notice we were playing Aviary six times in a row is a testament to the depth and variety the game can have, it’s still real weird that I can’t choose a random map with a random weather effect and have the game reroll the two every match, especially when it feels kind of intuitive to have to back out through so many steps of the menus before I can change the map.

Hell, even throwing in a random mode option or a randomly choose the monster for us among us five please option would be pretty cool.