Random Hunters in co-op


I love the game, now with that out of the way let me start by saying how i play it. My wife and i like to play the game some times both as hunters. Most of the time i like to be the monster and my wife likes to hunt. when we do this however it is always the same group of hunters tier 1 (Markov, Val, Maggie, Hank) the only time it changes is dependent on who she picks. If the Devs will it so, please add a random hunters to the co-op so couples like us can play with the different hunters. both she and i have all the hunters unlocked, even if you just make it random of the hunters the two or more people have unlocked that would be GREAT! Thanks for your time!


I agree. This has been my issue for some time as well. Me and girlfriend play custom games alone a lot. And we are stuck with tier 1 teammates. It’s frustrating. At least let me be able to switch them manually.


yeah i would really like to see a random option so you don’t have to change the every time. but at this point i will take what i can get. At least a random of the hunters unlocked by the people in the game.


Good news as of the new patch (today 04/09/2015) it works!!! they have made the random hunters part of the drop. my wife and i played and i saw all the hunters in one match or another! so for what its worth thanks for adding the stuff in the game!


What system? Because I dkbt see it happening here. Xbox one


sorry, the patch i was taking about was for the PC (micro patch 2.1.1). the good news is that hopefully they patch the other systems as well.


Man I hope so. This sucks without that