Random hitching on high end pc


I have random “hitchings” and sometimes i have hitching when monster evolves, hunters respawn or when monster uses skills. I run the game 80fps+ smooth with 970 gtx 4790k stock 8 gb ram and ssd.


What exactly do you mean by ‘hitchings?’ that’s in no way a commonly used technical term. Do you mean stuttering? Like it will kind of lag up and freeze for a split second then start going for it again?

At max settings 1080p Evolve can push past the 3.5GB VRAM on the 970’s and into the slower .5GB portion, I’d imagine this is what you are seeing.


1080p? I started to get the 0.2 sec stutter when i turned vsync on and it happens when monster evolves check if its acidentaly turned back on or something.


even at lowest settings instead very high it occurs. And yes these “hitchings” is these freeze for a split second.

It didnt occur in the betas, It started to happen at game release. Its related that 3 gb patch to lower loading times i guess.


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=22NR4uApwBk&feature=youtu.be A sample that i recorded, sry for the bad quality. It stutters when “evolve” procs in the screen. I play the game at 80~90 fps all time.


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I didn’t see it in the video. Was it when you spun the screen to the side?


when “press v to evolve” appears when i turn the camera. the video quality isnt too good so its not so noticiable


The youtube video is in 30FPS, so I’m not going to see a framerate change between 31-90 FPS.


its not framerate issue, its a mini-freeze. I can notice the mini-freeze in the video lol


I see a tiny stutter right as you turn the screen after feeding, but that’s it.

Edit: Oh, okay, right as you take the first step. I see.


And its it. And its frequent when evolve, monster uses skills or hunters respawns, Its more noticiable in game.


got a 2 sec freeze today after the monster disconnecting. Its not a graphic issue its a loading assets issue. I already put it on SSD and HDD and i still having this issue. Its something related to 3 gb day one patch to “fix” long loading times. They lowered pre-loaded assets or some shit to lower the pre-game loading times.


up for the gods sake


Not sure, my PC is about as high end as it gets, no issues. Similar but AMD build for my roommate, also no issues.

If I had to guess, it’s loading textures and you’re brushing the 3.5GB “limit” on the 970.


As i said, it happens in every spec, even at low settings it happens.


I’m not sure what it is then. I’m running a 4790k @5ghz, 295x2@9% overclock, 16GB ram, and playing off an SSD. My roommate has a FX9590@5.2Ghz, 295x2@5% overclock, 16GB ram, on a SSD. Neither of us have a hitch.

Monitor your GPU VRAM usage.


I have the exact same problem, and it’s not due to VRAM usage since the game still hitches on low settings. I think the stuttering could be related to the day one 3GB patch that “fixed” long loading times, possibly retiring some textures and assets to pre-load before the game starts. This would make complete sense that now with shorter load times, textures, assets and variable events are being loaded on the fly causing stutters. I wonder whether an option or tweak could be made available to pre-load instead. I’d much rather prefer longer load times than constant hitching.


Whats your specs icyvirto?