Random Generation For AI


I would really like to see something where the AI are randomly generated. If someone doesn’t play as a specific role and there are no players in that role the first tier of hunters are always chosen as the AI. I’m tired of joining a game where I will always play as Markov, Maggie, Val, or Hank (unless a player left a game with a character excluding the first tier) and I would really like to see the AI chose random hunters from tier 1, 2, and 3… possibly even the 4th tier but I believe that would be impossible since people wouldn’t have to pay for the DLC and could just hotswap.


This is already implemented, I get T3 and T1 all the time, and sometimes T2, but rarely.
Only saw T4 once, but thats because I’m not in empty lobbies much ^.^


its rnd. atleast on pc.

from t1 to t4 everything is possible


Yeah forgot about that only PC has this feature which really bums me. I don’t have a PC I have an Xbox One. As far as I know currently PC is the only platform that has this and really want this feature implemented into the XO and PS4… just for the sake of boredom for playing the same character over and over again!


atleast u guys get an 100k tourny


Only on PC


That’s one benefit.


Too bad it’s 18 and up.