Random gaming news to impact the industry in America


Random gaming news. Will post links shortly.


  1. The u.s. government now recognizes LoL pro players as professional atheletes and can apply for visa’s as such

  2. The u.s. government is looking towards supporting the video game industry with grants to help better develop games that improve the industry itself and in an additional effort to expand jobs in the gaming indiitry.

  3. The u.s. government has also in short, said that violence in games is not the cause of gun violence in the youth of america.

I’m curious to see the community’s thoughts on this, hell i’ll even grab @SlabOMeat for this.

  1. Okay, that’s a bit much in my opinion, but I’m cool with it


  3. Finaly someone said it


Its my understanding that professional gamers have been treated as such for a while now. Still AWESOME!


This actually impacts asian playefs so they can compete on a professional level here. But still i thought i’d share the news. I believe its a minor tweak in the law currently in use


This scares me… Now, I really don’t try to offend anyone, so I’ll spoiler this out.

But where to the capitalism play in here?
In a country without public healthcare and involving money in politics is permitted by law, this seem too good to be true. It could be as simple as innocent advertisement or something… far more sinister…


Heh. I actually kind of have to agree. It is weird.

But I’ll take it anyways.


Taxes. Simple as that. By expanding an underdevolped industry so too they expand the income from it


Am I the only one who thinks that professional video game players should in no way be considered athletes. EVER.

Not sure what you want to call them but they are in the same boat as poker players and professional chess players. Not athletes. Mentally strong sure. Great at what they do, absolutely. Athletes, nope.


Yeah I dont like these news too much either. There are definitely malicious intentions behind this.


please post links. I want to read them.


Links are up, the first link is a bit of a read but is the more factual of the news


I wonder why they stated this now, after people always claimed the opposite? ^.-

“Through The Wormhole” with Morgan Freeman also covered this topic.


It comes down to politics. Game violence was a scape goat for the pro gun voters. Since most voters are in their 40 and older, it was easy to say guns arent the problem it must be video game violence.

Especially since Mk2 getting banned in 3 countries, politicians had a legal prescedence to blame the gaming industry. You’ve got to remember that the media doesnt like to sensualize good news or studies showing thatt he opposite of what theyve been touting for 2 decades arent true.

Thats what theyre trying to undo at the whitehouse. Altering peoples perception tha t video games arent bad and that games are morally and societally influential, which is something that could impact the way we teach in public school systems


Guns aren’t the problem, neither are games.

The problem is the humans. Give someone a knife, it doesn’t mean they’re going to go kill someone. We use knives every day. Give someone a gun, they can protect themselves/family with it; or they could hunt for food to care for societies needs.

Tools aren’t to blame for anything, the problem is humans with the intent to harm someone. Ban guns, and you’ll have people using knives. Ban knives, people will use rocks. Get rid of rocks, they’d start to use a damn pillow. The intent to kill, can’t be stopped by taking a tool away.

If we banned guns, the criminals/government would be the only ones with them. ^.-
Terrible idea imo. Humans are morons, the way we work.

I bet allot of people will still blame the games/guns. ~sigh~
At least the morons in the government finally worked that through their head.


Agreed 100%
Although Whats intreasting to me is how violent games have the opposite effect that everyone thought. Now the truth is out there, hopefully we can start to see real advancement in the industry itself


Interesting to think killing people in video games, can lead to boosted moral awareness. But then again, I don’t often see people I play with going around killing people; do you? ^.-


I dont… huh. Must be a corralation between the two, looks like video games must be the problem

Just wanted to see how 90’s logic felt like.

Srs note. Have you seen the cracked article where the CDC was studying WoW to study how dieseas travel and evolve?


Takes a special mind to put killing via mechanism from a safe distance on the same level as getting up close and stabbing someone several times to inflict a lethal wound.

Given your logic that the tool isn’t to blame if there is misconduct you certainly don’t disagree if governments take you up on that and distribute nuclear missile launch codes to all mayors in case the military collapses so small cities can defend themself properly against foreign invaders. It should also be funny given re-election day those mayors finally have a very good argument why they should vote him if they wish for their city to still be standing after the election ;D


Incorrect… That contradicts everything I said. Did you read it?

That would be a moronic idea…

You don’t give a tool like that, to someone who would use it in a bad way… You don’t blame the nuke for exploding. You blame the person who launched the nuke for the nuke exploding. ~facepalm~

People like that don’t need that form of tool. It’s not effective at defense on a city wide scale. And I don’t trust a mayor to use it in a proper manner.

That’s like handing a loaded gun to a mass murderer, you would do that?


I thought all rational people knew this already? :stuck_out_tongue: I mean, it may have been a factor, certainly, but not the cause. If you light a spark next to a powder keg it’ll go off, but the spark wasn’t the cause of the explosion. The keg being filled with gunpowder was.

Take notes, Australia. ;-;