Random Freezing Bug


As the title says. Will freeze wherever. Not too often, but has happened in game, while chosing hunter and a couple of times for loading screens. Can often be fixed just by waiting, and takes 15s+ to defreeze.
AMD R9 270
AMD FX6300


Same thing happened to me last night. Game crashed to desktop without any error messages.

I thought it was the game’s way of telling me I needed to go to sleep, so i went to bed. lol


I have a simmilar problem. I also keep disconnecting from games seemingly at random after some of the crashes. And i think its on the other end since friends in the same game have reported noticable freeze-laags corresponding to my DCs.


Ah… so not Crashing, just locking up / freezing.

Crashing is when the program closes (like @PanDa above) and me here : Game Close / CTD